McCurlys Tours (a car rental company in the wonderful Caribbean island of Grand Cayman) picks you up at the airport and takes you to your vacation villa or resort where your rental car is waiting for you, with the option of a stop at the local supermarket to stock up on essentials.

The customer really wins here – they don’t have to drive after a long flight (and potentially a few beers!) and they get to buy the essentials before getting to their villa, meaning they don’t have to go back out on unfamiliar roads one day 1 to buy bread and milk if they don’t want to. And finally, the car is at your villa, not at the airport, so no long form-filling, waiting in line or trying to find the rental car in the lot.

All the benefits and speed of a taxi service with the convenience of a holiday rental vehicle rolled into one. It costs only pennies to add to the service but is worth its weight in gold to tired travellers wanting to start their vacation the right way.

At your next team meeting, why not ask your team what you are you forcing your customers to do, that a simple change in process could stop?