1. How to create an entirely different(iated) customer experience

AT Kearney’s customer experience strategy post discusses how putting customer metrics first can drive greater market returns than competitors. It highlights a single metric – slow service – as being a major driver of customer churn, and describes how moving from a place of slow service to a place of “loyalty beyond reason” is what it’s all about. Great snippets featuring Disney, Starbucks and IKEA.

2. The 6 disciplines behind consistently great customer experiences

Fast Company’s article highlights that all important counterpoint of great customer experience – process. Great customer experience, like beautifully manufactured products, happen as the result of a set of processes. Fast Company identifies 6 disciplines it suggests you put at the heart of your customer experience operations.

3. (Really) taking on customer experience

Forrester’s Victor Milligan hits the nail squarely on the head in this post. This quote alone is deeply insightful, “Like many firms, we relied on customer satisfaction (CSAT) and advocacy metrics to understand what our customers thought about us. But those metrics provide no insight into understanding customers’ actual experience based on the most powerful human element of all — emotion. Without that visibility, one is blind. And being blind is scary…”

4. What makes the world’s #1 customer experience brands

Gorgeously detailed article from Ian Golding, featuring not just the usual suspects but a host of smaller companies who are rocking the socks off customer experience. Great insight into what makes customer experience companies tick including “they balance customer obsession, operational excellence and financial rigor” and “How they were made to feel, whether intentional or not, is what people remember.” Lots to learn here.

5. Burberry’s Blurred Lines: The Integrated Customer Experience

Given that I am not a Burberry shopper, a lot of the content in this Forbes piece surprised and interested me. From refocusing Burberry on an entirely new market, to ensuring that there’s a seamless customer experience throughout, author Scott Davis highlights their strategy from the affordable entry point (Burberry kisses) right through to their online and offline concept spaces. Useful food for thought throughout.