How to beat the big boys at marketing & customer service

In this episode of Customer Thermometer TV, renowned author, blogger & speaker David Meerman Scott explains why the worlds of marketing and customer service are colliding – and explains why that’s great news for small businesses.

In a speeded-up world, where real-time communication is critical, David talks to our co-founder Mark about what we’ve all seen as the “tools of marketing” such as Twitter, Facebook and email, are rapidly becoming the tools of customer service too. It’s becoming a circle (one that can be virtuous or destructive, depending upon how fast you seek out problems with your products & services and fix them.)

And the good news is that, especially for small business, joining up sales and marketing can be very low cost indeed. David cites a number of examples of ‘big guys’ being asleep at the switch when it comes to acting swiftly in a real-time environment. All this adds up to a huge opportunity for small business to provide the kind of human sales and service that people are looking for. The kind of sales and service that generate the most highly sought-after of commodities: positive word-of-mouth.

David’s overriding point is that the world of real-time communication can be the break you’ve been looking for; it allows you to compete on how quickly you can ‘be a human being’ rather than just on the size of your marketing budget. This is essential viewing for any businesses looking to exploit small budgets in order to have a big effect on marketing and customer service.

You can read David’s blog at and pick up from Amazon the latest edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

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    David Rocks and should be listened to with an Open mind and a forward thinking attitude. Customer Service, Sales and Marketing are one. Great video, informative, educational and actionable – keep it up.

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