Kaseya Connect IT 2019 - what we're looking forward to

It’s less than a week to go until we join our integration partner, Kaseya, for their flagship annual user conference in Las Vegas, Connect IT!

We’re excited to be sending a Customer Thermometer team to the show, and we’ll have a booth at the event too. Come and see us for coffee and candy!

With the exciting agenda now finalized we are excited to hear everything on offer from a great lineup of speakers, as well as catching up with some of our favorite customers and partners.

Here we’ve broken down our pick of the 4 talks we’re really looking forward to at the event (taking place May 6 – May 9.)

Fred Voccola’s Keynote Address

A thought-leader and force to be reckoned with in the tech, PSA and MSP space, Fred’s keynotes at Kaseya Connect IT are always motivational, compelling and exciting and 2019’s will be no exception we’re sure.

Fred’s expansive view on the market, where it’s headed, Kaseya’s exciting growth plans and the roadmap for the business will be one of the highlights of the event.

How to Turn your Customer-Facing Teams into Help Desk Superheroes with Mark Copeman

One of Customer Thermometer’s original founders, Mark, is speaking about his new book and training company, Helpdesk Habits. He promises a technology-free session which will help you put the human element of customer service and support back into your business.

He will help you understand how to help your teams change their behavior for good; teaching you the science behind the power of habit creation and embedding, to make lasting change in your business.

He promises to leave you with not only the 5 habits you can begin to embed right away to make a real business impact but get a free copy of the book as well. (read a bit more about the book here).

Secrets to Objective Negotiations for Buying and Selling Software with John Barrows

We’re really looking forward to hearing sales training expert John Barrows impart his tips and secrets for navigating the tricky waters of software sales. He makes the point that sales is one of the world’s top professions and yet very few salespeople were even given any formal training.

John promises to deliver a framework delegates can use to swiftly move deals forward, which deals to focus on and when to walk away.

The art of negotiation is an opaque one so we are looking forward to hearing John talking about negotiation, reciprocity, pipeline and forecast accuracy.

Building a High-Performing MSP with Gary Pica

Our fourth pick is Gary Pica’s talk where he will cover how you can build a high-performing MSP.

Gary runs TruMethods, a company focused on helping MSPs jump from being a mediocre managed service provider to being world-class. We’re hoping that his talk will cover the best ways to execute and improve on some classic best practices, while learning how to grow an excellent MSP.

Gary’s focus on community learning and his vast experience in the MSP world make this talk a must-attend.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas next week at the Customer Thermometer booth. If you’re not already using us, give it a spin now for free:

It’s simple, quick, and you can put it into emails you’re already sending customers from dozens of systems like Kaseya, Outlook, Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow (and lots more.)

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