Customer Service

Customer service used to be just a single department in most organizations. Those days are long gone, and now good customer service and customer centricity are the mantras of many of the world’s largest businesses. With competition for customers fiercer than ever, this makes a lot of sense.

It’s often said that leading companies focus their energies on the problems that buyers are willing to spend money to solve, rather than on selling more or worrying about the competition. In this section, we provide a wealth of articles that focus on exactly that. Here you’ll find features on delivering great service for your customers, book reviews on some of the newest texts and lists of awesome resources you can use to turbo-charge your customer centric approach.

Sir Terry Leahy spends every Friday on the shop floor, do you?

One to One conversations with your customers can be your most powerful survey tool Tesco is the world's 3rd largest retailer behind Walmart and Carrefour. It has almost 2,500 stores worldwide. Its Chief Exec Terry Leahy, widely credited with…

17 must reads: build a business with fantastic service ethos

Here are 17 posts from the last year which I consider to be at the forefront of thinking on how you can build a business with a fantastic customer service ethos. Not all of them are specifically about customer service but I think they point…