One to One conversations with your customers can be your most powerful survey tool

Tesco is the world’s 3rd largest retailer behind Walmart and Carrefour. It has almost 2,500 stores worldwide. Its Chief Exec Terry Leahy, widely credited with leading Tesco’s rapid expansion over the last 13 years, reportedly visits a store somewhere in the world once a week.

Citigroup has said of Tesco “[It has] pulled off a trick that I’m not aware of any other retailer achieving. That is to appeal to all segments of the market”.

The Independent has said, “Leahy is a marketing genius, though he claims that all he has done is listen to the customers”

And one of Terry’s teachers, Professor Gary Cooper at UMIST  has said “Most of the time he is not on transmit, he’s on receive – he’s a great listener”

At Customer Thermometer, we are always surprised by how little time management teams, marketers and product developers spend with their customers. What if you made a commitment to contact your customers every week, or even every month, and ask them how they felt about you? If you don’t have a shop floor, how can you get that close to your customers? What about when your product or service is delivered by someone else?

We’ve built Customer Thermometer to provide the first touchpoint. By using Customer Thermometer you can get insight into what your customers think. Every day you can listen to, and learn from, your customers. Every day you can put this inside knowledge into action to ensure you never lose a customer. Sign up here to be the first to hear when it goes live.

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