Yesterday I downloaded a PDF by the wizard who is Tom Peters. It takes the form of short, punchy dictats and I love it because it’s very fresh, very actionable and provides the kick up the proverbial that we all need from time to time to get on and do. Ignore him at your peril.

The opening gambit in the free excerpt called “Customers” from his recent book  The Little Big Things: 163 ways to pursue excellence is just wonderful, and a reminder of why we built Customer Thermometer in the first place:

It’s 11 A.M, have you called a customer today?


Call a customer.
Out of the blue.

How can I help?
Have we delivered on every promise, implicit as well as explicit?

He then goes on to remind you to take a lot of notes, fix things and keep in touch. How simple and yet how many of us can honestly say that we operate this way?

Do one Little Big thing today and call a customer to see how they are. Better still, sign up for a free account with Customer Thermometer and put a process in place that ensures all your customers are regularly monitored and appropriate action is taken. It’s one of the fastest ways we know to keep on top of customer sentiment and keep delivering on those promises.