take a look at this customer experience & customer service statistics

customer service statisticsForrester, Primeperformance and others have released interesting stats this week that back up the need to proactively seek and then quickly respond to your customers’ feedback:

  • 88% of US banking customers remembered being thanked for their business
  • 81% of respondents who said a company’s problem resolution experience far exceeded their expectations also said they’re very likely to do business with that company again
  • 65% of respondents who said problem resolution experiences far exceeded their expectations also said they’re very likely to tell someone about the experience. Even more – 71% – of those who said their experiences fell far below expectations said they’re very likely to tell someone.
  • 63 percent of large companies have ambitions to be customer experience leaders over the next few years.
  • Two thirds of customer experience “laggards” identified the lack of a customer experience strategy as a major obstacle — more than twice the level of customer experience “leaders.”

Sources: The Power of Thanks at Banks, Customers’ Problems are Companies’ Loyalty Building Opportunities, and Touchpoints Bring the Customer Experience to Life, What’s Your Customer Experience Plan for 2011?

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