The begining of Customer Thermometer

Digging through some files a few days ago, I uncovered one of our original documents, created back in June 2010, before we’d even started to build Customer Thermometer


What’s the big idea?

Customers with valuable opinions don’t have a voice.

You’re making it far too hard for customers to tell you how they feel. Most don’t even bother and vote with their feet. By the time you know about it, it’s too late. They’re gone.

And what about the customers who love you? Who want you to know how much they think of you. Who want to refer you on and buy more from you. Rewarding this advocacy is important. Miss it and you miss out.

What if there was a way of always knowing how they felt? Of constantly taking their temperature in a quick and painless way? Of being notified of unhappy customers and acting swiftly on the results?

Well now there is…


The amazing thing about this document is that nothing has changed since we wrote it. Except of course, the realisation of our application which 100’s of customers now rely on to prevent customer attrition.

We continue to build and develop the service and later in March, v1.9 will arrive. If there are any features you’d like to see in the new version – then get in touch.

In the meantime, thank you for being part of “The big idea”.