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5 ideas from customer support leaders

American Express – an insight into the place where customers and data meet. Originally published in Fortune magazine, this article delves into how AMEX’s customer service calls remain unscripted and still end up in the right place.

How Nordstrom built the world’s best customer service machine. Not just a collection of astonishing “nordstrom” stories, this article looks behind the scenes and also highlights the retailer’s “tech-savvy operator that is investing heavily in digital advancements”.

We love GrooveHQ here at Customer Thermometer. They produce superb content and think very hard about their customer feedback. In this post, they look at a CEO who spends 20+ hours of his week on customer support with very positive results for the whole business.

Thought-leader McKinsey’s 3 C’s of customer satisfaction are relevant, straightforward and no-nonsense. In a world focused on “astonishing” customer support, this article says that whilst it’s not very sexy, consistency is what really matters.

CIO magazine has a good article on how to improve your company’s customer support, ranging from the tactically technological to the operational and cultural.

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5 ideas from business heavyweights

Elon Musk says you must seek negative feedback, especially from friends. He says it’s often talked about but very rarely done.

Mark Zuckerberg‘s 5 tips for building a global brand Tips on how Facebook keep literally billions of users happy. Incredible success story and an incredible operation.

The 4 phrases of great customer service. Love this, again from Amex – some phrases and ideas here to help diffuse tricky situations.

6 tips from a master problem solver principal architect at Box and former tech lead for the Yahoo homepage, shares some of his lessons learned – insight into the challenges the development team of many businesses face.

Richard Branson’s view on customer service leadership a great article by the folks at Business Insider gives some useful insight into his thought process and approach


5 ideas from TED

Why we do what we do by Tony Robbins Delves into our motivations and looks at the invisible forces which cause us to act. Superb for understanding both our own customer support teams and our customers. Comes with a healthy dose of motivation as an added bonus!

5 ways to listen better by Julian Treasure. Julian says that our world is getting louder, and he shares five ways to re-tune your ears for so called “conscious listening” — to other people and the world around you. Great to share at a team meeting one day. Some chimes of mindfulness in here too.

The post-crisis consumer by John Gerzema. John has identified the four major cultural shifts which drive new “post-crisis” consumer behaviour. He picks out some businesses who are adapting their behaviour to connect with a climate of more thoughtful spending. Insightful for understanding the new environment we all operate in.

The way we think about work is broken by Barry Schwartz. So many people dislike their jobs, and Barry’s TED talk looks at the factors beyond the pay check that can be brought into play to make work a more pleasurable place to be. We all know how tough customer support roles can be – so this is useful for anyone running a team.

What adults can learn from children by Adora Svitak. A fascinating talk by a truly gifted child. Food for thought about what our future customer might look like and how to communicate with them.


5 ideas from the world of customer experience

11 of the best customer service stories. I’ve always believed a strong narrative is essential in building a great service culture. Why not share some of these “above and beyond” stories at your next team meeting?

Link into your customer loyalty programme. Many of our users charge for a “premium” support service. Why not tie your support programme into your loyalty programme? Here’s the lowdown on some of the best ideas from leading customer loyalty programmes.

Why you need to provide an “Effortless experience“. There’s a new concept on the block in the customer experience world. The idea is that the more effort a customer has to expend, the worse the experience he or she has. It suggests that customer support can actually drive disloyalty, because it’s an area where the customer typically has to make effort.

Customer Service Week suggests it’s a good idea to actually celebrate customer service week and has 16 ideas to help you celebrate customer service in your business.

Why it’s hard to “climb out of the cellar” of bad customer service and support, and how the best and worst ranked customer service companies compare.


5 ideas from unexpected places

McDonald’s customer service is “broken” says their VP of Business Research. This article discusses 4 ways they can turn that service around. Sometimes it’s just as useful to learn from what’s not working as from what is.

7 tech giants share their core values Are you delivering customer support in the true spirit of the company you provide it for? This article runs through the core values of Apple, Google, Microsoft and more. Do you have something similar for your support team to refer to?

This list of 10 ideas from the travel and tourism industry will give your brain a workout. Some hilarious and interesting ideas in here to spark the imagination.

9 things that motivate more than money Your customer support team is critical to your performance and it can be a tough job. This Inc article helps you see the wider motivational picture.

8 morning rituals of the most successful people If you can help yourself, and your team, to achieve just a few of these each everyone will be happier, healthier and better-performing. Can you ensure there’s always healthy fruit within reach of the team for example, or discount a gym membership?

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