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5 books with good ideas for improving customer service

Lou Downe’s book, Good Services, is an amazing source of fresh thinking. Its 15 service design principles are the ideal framework for checking you’re on the right track to designing an optimum customer experience. And it’s great for customer journey mapping too.

Blue Ocean Shift is the bestselling follow-up to Blue Ocean Strategy – a seminal work in customer experience. Both are about customer understanding, customer and buyer experience and developing empathy with staff and customers. Blue Ocean Shift is especially useful with practical steps you can apply right away.

The Effortless Experience turns the received wisdom about ‘delighting customers’ on its head. Its deeply compelling thesis is that, to build loyalty, companies need to stop thinking “exceed expectations” and start thinking “make it easy”.

Jeanne Bliss interviewed over 40 CCOs for her book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0. It includes a practical framework for customer leadership competency for customer-driven growth in any organization.

The Grid by Matt Watkinson outlines a master model for business success. One that you can apply to define the collisions and challenges that occur when your business goals meet the reality of real customers and the market at large. Full of practical strategies you can apply.

5 customer support leaders give their ideas for improving customer service

CX authors Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman talk about the power of unscripted customer service in this enlightening podcast.

Nordstrom is known the world over for customer support excellence. And its a reputation the company is determined to keep. This article shows how the business is using new AI-powered analytics and customer insights to transform its digital approach. 

McKinsey & Co surveyed 260 CX leaders and found out what’s wrong with traditional customer survey programs. Maybe it’s time you changed yours…

CIO magazine has a good article on how Verizon has turned to NLP and deep learning to manage 100,000+ inbound customer requests per month. 

So many predictions from so many CX leaders. We did a complete meta analysis on the things to look out for in the year/s ahead.

5 ideas for improving customer services from business heavyweights

Elon Musk says companies must “maximize the area under the curve of customer happiness.” This article explains exactly what that means.

5 ways Amazon’s Jeff Bezos transformed customer experience, from being frictionless to giving customers a chair at the boardroom table.. 

6 tips from a master problem solver principal architect at Box and former tech lead for the Yahoo homepage, shares some of his lessons learned – insight into the challenges the development team of many businesses face.

Richard Branson of Virgin says “employees should always come first, not customers”. And by doing that, customers get treated with the best possible service. 

Meet the CEO who spends 20+ hours a week working as front-line customer support. And the positive results this brings for their whole business.

5 ideas for improving customer service from TED

5 ways to listen better by Julian Treasure. Our world is getting noisier. Julilan shares 5 ways to re-tune your ears for “conscious listening”. Great to share at a team meeting one day. Some chimes of mindfulness in here too.

Popsicle moments by Darren Ross. A wonderful glimpse of what’s possible when you sprinkle magic touches into the customer experience. You’ll love the ‘popsicle hotline’ idea and will be inspired to come up with an equivalent for your customers!

Train your employees how to have difficult conversations. Tamekia Mizladi Smith gives an expert tutorial on dealing with difficult customer conversations. She shows how the right skills can turn an unhappy customer into a valuable brand advocate.

How to build and rebuild trust. Harvard Business School professor, Frances Frei, explores the concept of trust as a tangible thing you can build, maintain and rebuild when necessary. Essential viewing for anyone involved in a customer service role

The way we think about work is broken, by Barry Schwartz. Getting your team to be motivated ‘beyond the paycheck’ makes work a more pleasurable and productive place to be. Some useful tips for running a customer support team.

Check out some more inspiring TED talks.

5 improvement ideas from the world of customer experience

6 of the best customer service stories. A strong narrative is essential in building a great service culture. Why not share some of these “above and beyond” stories at your next team meeting?

Check out these: 30 of the smartest customer service moves. One of our most popular blog posts ever, packed full of great ideas.

Running a service desk? Here are 10 things you can do this week to improve the service desk experience for customers.

Matt Watkinson, one of the true thought leaders of CX, has given a number of masterclasses for Customer Thermometer customers. Catch the highlights of the CX Masterclass and CX strategies

Ever thought of tying your support programme into your loyalty programme? Here’s the lowdown on some of the best ideas from leading customer loyalty programmes.

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