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Customer support articles – We really do have to think like our customers if we’re to ensure our service hits the mark.

As a result, we spend a lot of time here at Customer Thermometer reading and consuming customer support articles and general content around customer support, customer satisfaction and entrepreneurialism. We hit a rich seam of customer support articles recently, so here’s a collation series of some of the content we think will be valuable to our readers.

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groove customer support

  1. Why this CEO spends 20+ hours a week on customer support

This blog post by CEO Alex Turnbull outlines why he commits so much of his time to customer support and what changes he can implement in his business as a result. As a Customer Thermometer customer, you’re also just as likely to get one of the founders answering your support request as anyone else. It’s stitched into the heart of our business.

wufoo customer support

  1. Why support matters more than sales and marketing

Kevin Hale, founder of Wufoo, which went on to be acquired by industry leviathan Survey Monkey, gave this lecture to an Entrepreneurship course where he makes the controversial claim that if your product and support is good enough, you don’t need to do any sales and marketing at all.

sixteen customer support

  1. The secret to successful onboarding

On the best customer support articles, including the fabulous line “why the seeds of churn are planted early”, Customer Onboarding focuses on that first support interaction you have with your customer and why it’s so vitally important to your growth, revenue and ultimate success.

saastr customer support

  1. Why 85% of the world likes “contact me”, and you don’t

Making it tough for customers to ask you generic questions? This is a fabulous article which will make you think long and hard about what effect the inbound contact strategy on your website is having on your sales performance, whatever you sell.

ctteamawesome customer support survey

  1. Why customer support is your most important team

post of our own on Salesforce’s blog arguing that the new world order brought about by web service means that customer support should be considered your most important team.

seth godin customer support

  1. What is customer service for?

Seth Godin’s excellent and epic list of what customer service and support is for. Leads you to consider why you are doing what you are doing, and focus your efforts to achieve a customer support goal, rather than just “doing it.”

This article was originally published in April 2015 and was updated in May 2016.

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