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It’s so easy to catch a glimpse of an article you want to read, and then the day overtakes you!

So, in one easy digest, here’s our roundup of our 7 hottest customer support posts.

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Why we call our support team The Ministry of Magic

In a world where “support” is anything but, we needed a better name. Our support team is literally our shop front, warehouse, customer service department and sales team.

All front line queries, no matter what they are, come in here. We’re incredibly proud of what we do in the Ministry. This is the story behind the name.

25 ideas to improve your customer support

We all strive to improve the support we offer customers. It’s not always easy when you’re also crazy busy handling customer queries and requests.

We wrote this article to consolidate 25 of the best ideas we’ve seen around (from Elon Musk, Branson, Amex, Groove and more) and put them into one place for you to scan at your leisure.

After the survey: a repeatable process for handling customer feedback

handling customer feedbackHow many surveys have you filled in and never heard back from the company you sent it back to? It’s so common for this to happen, customers are always amazed when their feedback is visibly acted-upon. It’s actually therefore surprisingly easy for you to leapfrog your competition but simply listening to, and acting on, feedback right away. Make it fast and personal, and you’ll increase your customer loyalty across the board.

In this article, we outline the 5 step process we recommend you use to manage customer feedback every time. Bake it into the heart of your business.

7 good customer service ideas that work

7 customer service ideas

Kevin Hale, CEO of Wufoo, once said that sales and marketing spend is a tax companies have to pay because their product and customer support aren’t good enough.

Strong stuff! And a useful perspective on the kind of difference excellent customer support and word of mouth can make to your business. This article highlights 7 things you can do today to dramatically improve your service and support.

10 short survey examples from leading brands

short survey examples

Ever realised that when you click an Uber rating or feed back on a product on Amazon, you’re filling in a survey? It’s a micro-survey, but a survey nonetheless.

We’ve rounded up some of the best examples of short and micro surveys from across the world to inspire your customer support feedback efforts.

Building a customer service alert system that works

customer service alert system

As CEO of Customer Thermometer, I’m privileged to hear stories from our customers in all sorts of industries. There’s always one major similarity though, and it’s this. When our customers use real-time alerts to follow up on dissatisfied customers, those customers are wowed, delighted and become more loyal.

We gathered up some great learning from these stories in this post, outlining how to build a customer service alert system into your business.

20 examples of very cool email signatures

cool email signatures examples

This post has literally been top of our Billboard Hot 100 since we wrote it! It’s routinely one of the most visited posts on our blog, and it features some unique ideas you won’t see anywhere else.

So many customer support teams communicate almost exclusively via email. So the email signature they use carries a lot of weight and really helps deliver the brand experience. This post shows some amazing ideas across brands and industries.