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Given what we do for a living here at Customer Thermometer, we’ve always known that our customer support needs to be top notch. Our customer service approach comes very much from the heart. We genuinely support our customers as we would like to be supported. No gimmicks or giveaways, but genuinely excellent service that solves problems and takes pain away.

The result is our Ministry of Magic – our name for our customer support department. Every customer email is written and then reviewed for that extra 10% of magic, help or advice to ensure that we knock it out of the park. Every customer request or suggestion is shared, investigated for what can be learned and genuinely appreciated. In this section of our blog, you’ll find amongst other great content, our own internal customer support handbook – Good Magician, Bad Magician – a really popular download.

CX thinkers 50
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Customer experience thinking: The Thinkers 50 list

The Thinkers 50 list is produced every 2 years and has been described by the FT as the "Oscars of Management Thinking". The list features thinkers who are deemed to have had a tangible impact on the business world. The 50 "Thinkers" cover…
7 customer service ideas
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7 good customer service ideas that work

Everyone knows how important ‘good customer service’ is. It's an absolutely critical element of customer retention - something we all strive to improve. But how do you achieve it? Here are 7 good customer service ideas that you can get started…
Business books reading list
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Lindsay's summer reading list

As many of us start to ponder reading material for our summer vacation, I thought I would share with you five of the books I have been reading, or rereading, recently. If you're searching for a beachside blockbuster, you'll probably want…
Startup Land by Mikkel Svane

Startup Land: Book Review

I dived into Startup Land: How Three Guys Risked Everything to Turn an Idea into a Global Business by Mikkel Svane, the founder of customer support technology company Zendesk, recently. We sponsor their annual London event, so it was a great…

Support team names:
how we chose ours

Coming up with good support team names is tough. The changing nature of the work we all used to call "support" means that the name "Support Team" often doesn't cut it any more. Yes, support teams do provide support. But they are increasingly…
Customer Support Performance Metrics

Customer support performance metrics - reflections on Relate Live

We've just spent the last two days talking to dozens of customer support professionals at the Relate Live conference in London. Many of the conversations we had, covered customer support performance metrics. As the profession moves from…
customer support articles

6 customer support articles to inspire you

Customer support articles - We really do have to think like our customers if we're to ensure our service hits the mark. As a result, we spend a lot of time here at Customer Thermometer reading and consuming customer support articles and…
25 in a circle

25 ideas to improve your customer support

5 ideas from customer support leaders American Express - an insight into the place where customers and data meet. Originally published in Fortune magazine, this article delves into how AMEX's customer service calls remain unscripted and still…
Customer support surveys tips
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Customer support surveys: why yours isn't working

If you run a customer support team, you’ll probably be seeking useful feedback from customer support surveys. No doubt, you'll recognize these issues: You need a meaningful measurement about how customers feel about your service, not…
scale personal support

The one thing you need to scale personal support

It’s hard to believe the way businesses used to tack on customer service to their products as an afterthought. It was as if to brazenly say, “We know you’re not going anywhere.” It seems that’s the only thing they knew for sure.…