Customer Thermometer’s realtime results widgets allow you to publish (anonymous) statistics about your  survey responses to the public.

There are four types of widget currently available. They can be published to your website or to your Facebook page. Click the tabs below to learn more.

Publish your recent ratings

Our first widget displays a pie chart splitting out the last x responses (where you can define x to be whatever number you wish!) you’ve received across either all results in your account OR you can choose to display results from a specific Blast.

The widget is ‘live’ – every time a web page is refreshed with this code embedded, it will update and display your results in real time.

It looks like this:

You can see one of our customers using it on their Testimonial pages right here.

Why would you want to use it?

To provide complete transparency to your customers, prospects and targets, and demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

How do I publish it?

This widget and all future widgets are generated using an iFrame. This is exactly the same format people use to embed YouTube videos on their website. If you can embed a YouTube video, then you will easily be able to display this widget.

Step 1 – log in to your account.

Step 2 – click on REPORTING on the main navigation.

Step 3a – to publish a widget which reflects results across all blasts and your entire account, select this tab:

Widget tab

Step 3b – to publish a widget which reflects a specific blast, firstly select the blast breakdown reporting for that blast, and then select the widget tab.

Step 4 – to embed a chart, simply single click and copy and paste the HTML embed code into the relevant webpage (details below).

Recent results widget

Using WordPress?

If you are using a WordPress website, you can paste that code into a page (select the text tab as opposed to the visual tab first). You won’t need any special plugins or code.

To embed the widget into a sidebar – choose a text widget and paste the code into the main area and click save:

You might need to make it smaller to fit into the sidebar…

Using Facebook?

Want to know how to embed your widget on your business Facebook page? Sounds like a great idea to us. Although it’s not quite as simple as ‘copy and paste’ it is straightforward. In this 5 min video, Mark explains how to do it:

Customising the widget

Choose the number of recent results you’d like to display by changing the parameter, x – shown in green below.

You have the ability to resize it – by changing both width and height parameters within the code as shown below in red. Make sure both the widths are the same, as well both the heights.

iframe src=”https://app.customerthermometer.com/?template=embed_chart&c=last_x&w=336&h=280&u=52&m=d3719961&x=100&ia=1″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”336” height=”280“>

Security concerns?

Please note that despite the code pulling in live data from your unique account details, there is no possible way for anyone to use this code to access your account, view your contact data or specific results. This widget purely provides a real time overview of the latest results in graphical form.