We would love to know your thoughts on this no doubt familiar situation…

You’re working away and an email comes in from a brand you know, trust and actually quite like…

big survey example

You see the word “survey” and your heart sinks.

You’re a decent human being though. You’re loyal to the brand and think I’ve a couple of minutes before my next meeting – I’ll help them out.

So you click through.

(most people won’t).

And land on this page…

big survey example 2

You notice the estimated time.

And weigh up the value of 15 minutes (which probably means longer).

You could tick 5 things off your to do list, have a conversation with a colleague, phone your mum/dad/boyfriend/wife, eat lunch, learn something new, buy a birthday present… in fact the list is endless.

Most people will shut their browser.

Some people are still keen to help (especially if you might win an iPad 2 – which these guys aren’t offering).

They click next.

multiple questions surveys

At this point, having read the FIRST question we suspect 99% of targets will have dropped out.

Our question to the BIG BRAND…

Will anything change for your customers any time soon as a result of this survey?

If you ask us as customers to give up 15 minutes of our time, you’d better be planning on doing something staggering with the results, and fast. Otherwise I’ll simply think my feedback went into another corporate black hole and I’ll think you wasted my time.

We, of course, believe there is a better way.

Why not take the Customer Thermometer challenge, ask just one question of your valued customers and find out what they’re really thinking, rather than just what boxes they want to tick…