Zendesk 50% response rate event surveys

Zendesk’s flagship European “Art of Customer Satisfaction” event takes place annually in London. With over 400 delegates, Zendesk’s CEO Mikkel Svane giving the keynote, dozens of high-profile industry speakers and tickets at $400, it’s critical the event is a standout success.

Given the customer satisfaction focus of the conference, and the seniority of the audience, the Zendesk team wanted a post-event survey tool which got them real-time results but wasn’t a burden on delegates’ time.

So Zendesk triggered Customer Thermometer’s one-click solution to capture real-time feedback and verbatims, as delegates were leaving the event.

Within 4 hours, the Zendesk marketing team had a 52% response rate and more than 75% of respondents left detailed verbatim feedback

Zendesk’s Marketing Director for EMEA, Nick Peart, explained why the Customer Thermometer event survey works so well for Zendesk.

“Unlike previous methods we’ve used, there’s no collation required and we can do a post-mortem on the event and act on specific leads or feedback that arise from the survey straight away. The open nature of the response field allows our event delegates to let us know their real areas of delight and for improvement.”

“We ran the same Customer Thermometer survey in 2014 and had a 78.8% satisfaction rate with that event. We were actively able to act on individual comments to improve 2015’s conference to 89.1%, a fabulous result.”

Reporting dashboard

Sample Customer Thermometer survey reporting dashboard

It’s not just Zendesk who agrees…

Facebook’s Jenn Bouchard agrees, as her team uses Customer Thermometer in an event environment.  Jenn says:

“it’s an awesome way to get event feedback we can use in realtime. That ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ information helps me and my team constantly refine what we do.”

As event-goers become increasingly time-poor, it’s important to have a quick and simple event survey in your armory.

Whilst Zendesk use Customer Thermometer to survey their events, they’re also an integration partner of ours… find out more here.

You can also find out more about Zendesk’s events and their Art of Customer Satisfaction conference here.

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