measuring net promoter score by email

Measuring Net Promoter Score has never been easier. 1-click customer satisfaction surveys from Customer Thermometer are unique because they embed the survey in the email body. This means your customer or employee can click directly from their email, and their score is registered instantaneously. Works brilliantly on laptops, iPhones, tablets, Blackberrys or desktops…

There’s no doubting that the Net Promoter system is powerful. It can have a dramatic effect on growth and profit when implemented well. Net Promoter says companies should “ask the (NPS) question in a manner that provides reliable, timely, and actionable data.” But often, measuring Net Promoter Score through outbound call centers and laborious web surveys means you get a low response rate. And the results can take weeks or months to come back to you, meaning it’s hard to follow up and with staff who made errors or customers who need problems solving.

To get it working effectively, you need high response rates and rapid results. This is where Customer Thermometer changes the game completely.

Send Customer Thermometer Net Promoter score email surveys using our outbound email service. Send one survey, or send hundreds of thousands. Your customer NPS scores will start to come back within seconds as they receive the simple one click survey and respond to you. You can even add it to your email footer. (And to emails you send from Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp and many more…)

This allows you to measure Net Promoter Score on a continuous basis. Every time your staff member sends an email to a customer, it’s easy to have the footer appear.

Measuring Net Promoter Score Outlook footer

Customer Thermometer’s NPS footer

Closing the Net Promoter loop in seconds

And our dashboard shows you your NPS, minute-by-minute. Watch it change in real time! Crucially, the results we generate are completely trackable back to the person who clicked them. They can click a response and you will instantly be able to see who clicked what. “Closing the loop” has long been the holy grail for Net Promoter users but Customer Thermometer makes it a cinch.

Measuring Net Promoter Score dashboard

Customer Thermometer’s Net Promoter Score real time dashboard

 Measuring Net Promoter Score for the smartphone generation

Are your customer satisfaction survey response rates declining? Are you finding it harder to get customers to answer your Net Promoter surveys? Chances are people are tired of the same long forms that are impossible to fill in on mobile devices. The average iPhone user looks at their phone more than 100 times a day. And because Customer Thermometer is so easy to respond to (no fiddly links to click), customers can tell you how they feel and get on with their day.

Give Customer Thermometer a try today. Get a free account here, no credit card details required.

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