Net Promoter Score survey

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If you are one of the thousands of companies using the Net Promoter System® to measure customer satisfaction, we’re delighted to be able to show you a new and easy way to measure your NPS ® – with our new Net Promoter Score survey.

The Net Promoter System® has been adopted the world over by companies such as GE, Apple and American Express. It is used for its straightforward ‘one question’ approach, and for the fact that it delivers feedback that can be acted upon.

However, many companies are still using telephone or face to face surveys to measure NPS® – so if you’d like to be able to do it in a simpler, cheaper way, and with less overhead on your customers by using a Net Promoter Score email survey instead, here’s how:

First, simply log into your Customer Thermometer account. Not got one? No problem, sign up here for free in 10 seconds.

Then, create a new Email Thermometer, using text similar to the below:

Net Promoter Score survey via Customer Thermometer emails

Net Promoter Score survey via Customer Thermometer emails

Alternatively, if you’re using a CRM, help desk or similar system (we have integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce,, MailChimp and many more, to send your customer emails, simply embed our survey right inside the emails themselves like this:

Net Promoter score survey via email

Send Net Promoter score surveys via your CRM or helpdesk system

Remember, we have a whole library of icons and buttons for you to use, and you can even upload your own set to match your brand and company!

Once your recipients have responded, simply subtract the percentage of reds and yellows from the percentage of golds, and you have your Net Promoter® Score! There’s an overview of the way the scores map to the 4 Customer Thermometer buttons below – golds are promoters, greens are passive, yellows and reds are detractors.

Using Customer Thermometer to measure Net Promoter® score.

Calculating Net Promoter Score via Customer Thermometer

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