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We built Customer Thermometer to make giving feedback as simple and effective as possible. It’s a survey designed with the user in mind. For too long, customer surveys have been designed with market researchers’ needs at heart, never the customer’s. Our fresh new approach to surveys is so compelling that our customers see their response rates, and their insight, shooting up. What seemed like a mission 5 years ago – the one click customer feedback concept is loved and embraced by some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies.

So in this section you’ll find some real gems of content covering every angle of customer satisfaction surveys. For example, here you’ll find our most popular ever post, “100 amazing customer experience resources”, and our highly-shared post “14 ways to improve your customer experience response rate”. If you are planning a customer experience survey or a client feedback survey you will find everything you need in these articles. You’ll also find thought leadership on the survey of the future, big name interviews, our keynotes on customer surveys and much more. And don’t forget to sign up for our free trial account which gives you 10 free surveys. Enjoy!

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How to get customer reviews and testimonials

Did you know you can use Customer Thermometer to dramatically increase your online customer reviews? Having a good presence on review websites will help instill trust in your potential and existing customer base, here's how to do it... How…
customer satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction Surveys don't work any more. Here's what to do about it.

To know how satisfied your customers are, you need them to tell you. The trouble is, customers aren’t playing ball with surveys any more.Survey responses are at an all-time low, generating a double-whammy of ‘non-response bias’ and…
CSAT survey get to the-point

5 reasons why customer surveys need to get to the point

People instinctively understand that their time is precious.  It’s given rise to the idea of the ‘effortless experience’ where time is valued; where brands boost customer satisfaction by providing the smoothest possible service.But…
survey fatigue

When surveys run amok

Does this sound familiar? I was amazed to receive a link to a survey from a company I had a single email exchange with earlier this week.Being in the business I'm in, I always like to see how companies are asking for feedback, so I clicked…
ISO 9001 customer satisfaction survey

Creating an ISO 9001 customer satisfaction survey

Searching for an ISO 9001 customer satisfaction survey with a high response rate?If your business is aiming to qualify for ISO 9001, you will need to be able to understand and demonstrate that you've sourced feedback from your customers…
maximise survey response rate

How to maximise your Customer Thermometer survey response rate

Customer Thermometer's excellent survey response rate is a critical reason the service is so popular. We regularly critique and fine-tune both email and embedded surveys for our customers, to ensure they are performing as well as they possibly…
IT customer satisfaction surveys

How to run IT customer satisfaction surveys in busy environments

We are increasingly hearing from IT support teams and IT departments who need to run IT customer satisfaction surveys and are getting dramatically dwindling response rates.This low response rate phenomenon is endemic. Only last week I was…
Client satisfaction thinking
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Effortless experience and what it means for your surveys

To build loyalty, companies need to stop thinking "exceed expectations" and start thinking "make it easy".This is the surprising central premise of a recent book called "The Effortless Experience" by Dixon, Toman and Delisi of CEB.Loyalty…
Zendesk 50% response rate event surveys

How Zendesk gets a 50 percent plus response rate to its event surveys

Zendesk’s flagship European “Art of Customer Satisfaction” event takes place annually in London. With over 400 delegates, Zendesk’s CEO Mikkel Svane giving the keynote, dozens of high-profile industry speakers and tickets at $400, it’s…
Customer support surveys tips
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Customer support surveys: why yours isn't working

If you run a customer support team, you’ll probably be seeking useful feedback from customer support surveys. No doubt, you'll recognize these issues:You need a meaningful measurement about how customers feel about your service, not…

Why Customer Thermometer uses a 4 point response scale

We sometimes get questions from customers who ask why we settled on a 4 point response scale and why we don't offer a mid-point 'average' option. When we explain it, most conversations end positively. We thought it would make sense to spell…
reduce customer churn

How to reduce customer churn in the cleaning industry

As the leading provider of surveys to North America's cleaning and facilities industries, we see a lot of great ideas, neat thinking and best practice.Recently, we approached some of our most proactive and customer-focused facilities and…