Customer Surveys

We built Customer Thermometer to make giving feedback as simple and effective as possible. It’s a survey designed with the user in mind. For too long, customer surveys have been designed with market researchers’ needs at heart, never the customer’s. Our fresh new approach to surveys is so compelling that our customers see their response rates, and their insight, shooting up. What seemed like a mission 5 years ago – the one click feedback concept is loved and embraced by some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies.

So in this section you’ll find some real gems of content covering every angle of customer satisfaction surveys. For example, here you’ll find our most popular ever post, “100 amazing customer experience resources”, and our highly-shared post “14 ways to improve your customer experience response rate”. You’ll also find thought leadership on the survey of the future, big name interviews, our keynotes on customer surveys and much more. Enjoy!


Why Customer Thermometer uses a 4 point response scale

We sometimes get questions from customers who ask why we settled on a 4 point response scale and why we don't offer a mid-point 'average' option. When we explain it, most conversations end positively. We thought it would make sense to spell…
reduce customer churn

How to reduce customer churn in the cleaning industry

As the leading provider of surveys to North America's cleaning and facilities industries, we see a lot of great ideas, neat thinking and best practice. Recently, we approached some of our most proactive and customer-focused facilities and…
Create a Microsoft Dynamics survey

Create a Microsoft Dynamics survey

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to create a Microsoft Dynamics survey, Customer Thermometer is for you. Embed instant feedback surveys right in your Microsoft Dynamics emails. You can choose from our library of over 40 icons,…
email voting tool buttons

The ultimate email voting tool

If you're looking for an email voting tool that offers more than Microsoft Outlook's inbuilt voting buttons then Customer Thermometer's service will be perfect for you. Customer Thermometer lets you send emails with the voting buttons embedded…
measuring net promoter score by email

Measuring Net Promoter Score

Measuring Net Promoter Score has never been easier. 1-click customer satisfaction surveys from Customer Thermometer are unique because they embed the survey in the email body. This means your customer or employee can click directly from their…
Reasons Why You Should present customer thermometer to boss

Presenting Customer Thermometer to your boss or board

If you've discovered Customer Thermometer for the first time, and you need to present the service to your boss, or management team, here's everything you need. We've previously written about 10 good reasons to choose us, however in this article…
Aweber Survey Integration Customer Thermometer

Want to send AWeber surveys?

AWeber surveys are now possible with Customer Thermometer! We're so pleased to have teamed up with email marketing provider AWeber to send AWeber surveys to your customers or marketing list. By embedding Customer Thermometer's emoticons and…

Why Customer Thermometer is even more relevant today than 4 years ago

There was an excellent article by Beth Teitell in the Boston Globe last night. She'd taken the trouble to research something we'd known in our hearts for a long time - customer satisfaction surveys are growing like crazy. So much so, businesses…
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30 smartest customer service moves

Marketing brings in sales, but only great customer service can create customers. Customer service is now the major arbiter of reputation, so you need to make sure it's both top notch and innovative. To help you on your way, we've collated 30 of…
Net Promoter Score survey

Net Promoter Score survey - via email

If you are one of the thousands of companies using the Net Promoter System® to measure customer satisfaction, we're delighted to be able to show you a new and easy way to measure your NPS ® - with our new Net Promoter Score survey. The…
Measure customer journey
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How to measure customer journey satisfaction - without hassling your customers

"Measuring satisfaction on customer journeys is 30% more predictive of overall customer satisfaction than measuring happiness for an individual interaction" said McKinsey this week. This stands to reason. Customers are all interacting with…
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6 customer satisfaction survey predictions for 2014

We are in a privileged position here at Customer Thermometer to be able to see the broad trends and technologies our customers, and their survey respondents, use to respond to our surveys. As with most online applications, during 2013, we have…