The ultimate email voting tool

email voting tool buttons

If you’re looking for an email voting tool that offers more than Microsoft Outlook’s inbuilt voting buttons then Customer Thermometer’s service will be perfect for you.

Customer Thermometer lets you send emails with the voting buttons embedded right into the email like this…

email voting tool

…in seconds, with no designer required. Our voting tool is trackable too. So if it’s important for you to know who voted for what, you can see that all in the reporting.

Why use an email voting tool instead of a survey?

If you need a quick response to a question Customer Thermometer is the fastest and most visual way to do it. Don’t send your recipients to a polling website via a link. You’ll lose a lot of people on the way, as it’s likely they will think they are being sent to a long survey.

Get the best response rates and real-time results by letting your recipients vote from directly within the email they receive. Engage them using your logo, corporate colours, and voting buttons.When they click a button, it registers instantly in your reporting area.

An email voting tool is also a great way to ensure you are respecting your recipients’ time. If you only need the answer to one question, traditional online surveys are often unable to cater for your needs. Why ask more questions than you need to?

How to use Customer Thermometer, the email voting tool

You can build a voting email in minutes using Customer Thermometer. We have  a library of about 50 different voting buttons for you to choose from. Or, you can make your own. This means your voting buttons can be planets, film characters, photos, flags…. anything you want!


You can even embed our voting buttons into emails you send from Outlook like this:


Get your free trial of Customer Thermometer here, so you can test it out with your colleagues.