Aweber Survey Integration Customer Thermometer

AWeber surveys are now possible with Customer Thermometer! We’re so pleased to have teamed up with email marketing provider AWeber to send AWeber surveys to your customers or marketing list.

By embedding Customer Thermometer’s emoticons and feedback buttons in AWeber emails, AWeber customers can send simple, effective and trackable AWeber surveys to customers in an instant. You can even send them as a part of your regular email newsletter or outbound email communications from AWeber.

Using Customer Thermometer can really help to reduce your customer churn rate. If you’re using AWeber to communicate with customers regularly you now can join up to Customer Thermometer and begin to track customer satisfaction against real customers, in real time, in just a few minutes. Once you know who’s unhappy, you can act accordingly, and retain or win back many more of those customers.

Full instructions on how to link Customer Thermometer and AWeber together can be found in a short demo here.