Of course! It’s a very straight forward system to use.

Check out our feature list here which provides a series of screenshots to see how simple it is to ‘drive’.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Customer Thermometer.


If you decide to cancel a paid-for plan within 30 days of signing up, simply write to us and we’ll refund you.

You can send yourself a Thermometer from this page. Here you can see what it’s like to receive a Thermometer.

There’s also a FREE trial account you can sign up for to test us out. No credit card is needed.

If you do decide to sign up – there’s no contract, no notice and cancel at any time.

No. Customer Thermometer is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no contracts or commitments, you simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month and you won’t be billed ever again.

We accept Visa and Mastercard, credit and debit cards as well as American Express.

We can accept purchase orders and invoice directly (six month minimum term).

Absolutely. Just click on the “Account” tab at the top of your dashboard and select the Change Plan tab. You can upgrade (or downgrade) from there.

Note your new monthly billing cycle will begin from the date you change your plan. We therefore recommend you upgrade an account towards the end of your existing monthly billing cycle. You will keep that month’s remaining allocation of credits, which will then be added to your new monthly quota (subject to the limit of holding twice your monthly plan in your account at any time).

Sending an Email Thermometer uses one credit… so if you send a Blast to 20 recipients, you will use 20 credits from your monthly account.

Receiving a response from an Embedded Thermometer or an Outlook / Gmail footer uses one credit… ie if your helpdesk application (Such as Zendesk or Desk.com) sends 100 support emails with feedback buttons embedded in your footer and you receive 60 clicks, you will only use 60 credits. You will not use credits sending Embedded or Outlook Thermometers.

Credits will be applied to your account on a monthly basis when you are billed.

Credits rollover each month up to a maximum of twice your subscription level.


Contact lists and reporting data are only accessible by a user with the correct login and password. Customer Thermometer staff never access account data without permission.

Customer Thermometer staff are unable to view / change passwords as they are encrypted. Passwords can be reset on the app login page.

If you choose to cancel the service, which you are of course free to do at any time, all data will be completely removed from our servers. Do note, as we are based in the UK, our business is covered by the Data Protection Act.

Our security statements are here in full.

In our experience, quite the opposite!

Our customers tell us that their customers love receiving 1-click surveys – they find it an easy way to give feedback and appreciate being asked.

Using Customer Thermometer shows just how service-focused you are as a business.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Thermometers (emails) are readable and clickable on all mobile devices as well as industry standard email programmes on PCs and Apple devices.

Landing pages are fully responsive.

If your mobile device supports HTML emails then Customer Thermometer will work perfectly.

We partner with one of the world’s largest email sending companies to ensure that emails are treated as legitimate.

We cannot guarantee 100% that all emails will not be intercepted by sometimes over-protective Junk filters – especially in Outlook, however our customers tell us this is not a problem.

Our Ministry of Magic support team will always help diagnose issues too – just get in touch.

No – attachments cannot be added for security reasons.

Yes, you simply type their email address and name into the box on the “create a List” page and save it as a List of one. Then send your Blast as normal.

You can also send Email Thermometers to individual recipients using our API.

If you are uploading a lot of data, it’s worth sorting your list into alphabetical order by email address before you save it as a CSV.

Don’t forget, you can find any email address within a list by clicking your list from the “manage lists” page and pressing CTRL+F then typing the email address you want to find into the box.

There’s a full explanation of managing your lists and data here.

Outlook and Gmail setups sometimes block images contained within an email. Sadly there is nothing we can do to overcome this.

Our Thermometer templates have been designed to make sense even if this is the case.

Note that if you follow our guidance in the Top 10 tips guide and ask recipients to use the safe-sender function, images will be displayed in Outlook.

If you know there’s a high percentage of users using corporate Outlook accounts, you can select our HTML friendly option when you’re building your Thermometer template  – which doesn’t contain images.

They are taken to a fully customizable Landing page which registers their response and thanks them for it.

They can leave a comment if they wish (if you’ve allowed them to).

Comment and/or response alerts can then be routed to members of your team in real time.

No, alert emails are separate and do not affect your credits.

When using Email Thermometers, a recipient’s first response is the only one the system will register.

If they attempt to click again within 30 minutes, they will be given an option to reset their answer and click again. After 30 minutes – as an account holder, you are able to delete their response, which makes their Thermometer become ‘live’ again, to enable them to click again.

Embedded Thermometers work slightly differently. Depending on the embedded type – you can select to lock a Thermometer response (by email address and perhaps ticket ID) for a particular period of time.

For Embedded Outlook Thermometers, because of their nature there is no way to limit the number of clicks allowed – there should be no ‘lockout’ period in place.

You’ll find the answer to most things in our User Guide.

You can contact our Ministry of Magic anytime via our contact page here. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, we would love it if you would send it to us so that we can answer it and share it on our user guide.

We ask you for a password and you use your email address as your username. We don’t require any further information.

You simply sign up in 15 seconds for the account which suits your needs. You will then receive an allocation of credits every month.

We allow you to hold double your monthly allowance in your account at any one time. If you don’t use your allowance, credits will remain in your account and will not expire until your account reaches double your allowance. At this point, no more will be added at the end of each monthly cycle, until there is space for more to be allocated.

So, for example, if you are signed up to the 200 credits/month account, we will allow you to hold a maximum of 400 credits in the account at any one time.

Yes. We can arrange annual payment via invoice on receipt of a Purchase Order.

Drop us a line with your requirements and we’ll help.

No. Every Customer Thermometer plan gives you one login which you may share and use with other users concurrently. The plans are based on the number of individual credits you will be sending each month.

If you choose to use mobile alerts, you’ll need to purchase our partner’s app – as a one off charge. You can find out more here.

The Customer Thermometer web application runs over Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that ensures privacy between communicating applications and their users on the Internet. When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message. TLS is the successor to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Our implementation of TLS has been independently reviewed and awarded an A-grade. You can see this review here.

Our security policy is here.

Yes, absolutely. You can embed our buttons into emails generated from software such as Salesforce.com, Zendesk, ConnectWise, Autotask and many others. We call this type of survey an Embedded Thermometer.

You can read more about our integrations here. If you use a piece of software and it’s not on our list, just drop us a line, and tell us what you’re using, we can help!

Yes! You can create and upload your icons, and use them across both Email Thermometers and embedded Thermometers.

Yes, if you need to delete a response because it was a test, or clicked in error, you simply head into reporting, click into that Blast, find the erroneous response, and click the red cross to the left hand side. This will delete it. The same goes for whole Blasts – just find the Blast name in reporting and click the red cross on the left hand side.

There’s comprehensive information on deleting data here.

Yes, absolutely – they will get you some powerful feedback.

You can enable comments by going into “Manage Thermometers” clicking “edit” next to the Thermometer you are working on and clicking the “landing page” tab.

Scroll down to “Comments setup” and follow the instructions.

You can use our range of widgets to publicize your results on your website, Facebook page or intranet.

Full details on how to do that is available here.

Remember, using widgets and publicizing your results it entirely optional with Customer Thermometer. You can use the service completely privately if you wish to.

As standard, Customer Thermometer offers graphical reports by Blast, by recipient, and by date. We also offer League Table reporting where you can view results by different data, such as the agent who served a customer, territory, branch etc.

In addition, you can view an individual’s responses over time, and see historical graphing for every response to a specific survey over time.

All Customer Thermometer data is fully exportable by CSV, so you can export your data for manipulation.

Data can also be retrieved and manipulated by via our API.

We can do better than that!

Here’s 10 good reasons why we believe Customer Thermometer will get you great feedback, amazing response rates and most importantly, will stop your customers from leaving:

10 good reasons to try Customer Thermometer

We know that making a decision on a tool like Customer Thermometer is a team effort.

If you’ve just discovered us and would like to share what we do, you might like to download our Business Case presentation.

You can find screenshots and an overview of the service right here.

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