Create a Microsoft Dynamics survey

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create a Microsoft Dynamics survey, Customer Thermometer is for you.

Embed instant feedback surveys right in your Microsoft Dynamics emails. You can choose from our library of over 40 icons, or even create and use your own. When surveying customers in today’s iPhone world, it’s important to recognise that they want to be able to give you feedback from any device, wherever they are. That’s why Customer Thermometer surveys are so successful – if a device can carry email, it can carry a CT survey. Your customers click right from within their email. They don’t have to visit a website or tell you who they are. We do all that for you.

customer satisfaction survey embedded

So when you create a Microsoft Dynamics survey with Customer Thermometer, every survey you send is completely trackable back to who clicked what, when:

create a microsoft dynamics survey

You can capture clicks, and verbatim comments from all respondents. You can even be alerted in real time if someone clicks to let you know they’re unhappy.

Customer Thermometer even lets you measure Net Promoter Score – in real time – across your recipient base.

So next time you want to get feedback from customers, staff, partners or suppliers, create a Microsoft Dynamics survey using Customer Thermometer’s simple and powerful service.

Here are the handful of simple steps you need to connect MS Dynamics and Customer Thermometer together.

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