Customer Feedback Signals

This post has been superceded.

In late September, 2016, we’ve added the ability to add labels, customize the footer text and reverse the order of your Embedded icons all from within the Thermometer set up screen.

You can see how this is done in the video below (scroll to 05:10):


We always respond to customer feedback – and love receiving it.

Last week we had a request from a customer asking whether it was possible to add enhanced descriptions to Embedded Thermometers. In his marketplace and with the question he was asking – he felt customers weren’t too sure which icon to click and were becoming confused. He wanted to add additional text around each icon to help in the process of identifying which icon to click.

One option is to create custom icons – which include a text description and upload those into his account.

There is another option however – to add some simple HTML to our HTML output to add those descriptions:

Enhanced Embedded Thermometer example

We’ve created that new HTML template and a short demo below – so that you can create a footer with this enhanced information. The final HTML created then needs to be pasted into your 3rd party application – instead of the code generated by Customer Thermometer.

Some things to note

This will only apply to Embedded Thermometers of course. Email Thermometers have their own templates and work completely differently.

There is no need to go through this process for an Outlook or Gmail Embedded Thermometer – they can be formatted and customised within the relevant signature box.

If you think this format would work for you – let us know – we will look at enhancing the application to generate this as an option for you.

Download and demo

Right click here to download the template HTML file referenced in the demo below… and then watch the demo.

You can download the HTML editor referenced from here.