generate Salesforce Case satisfaction ratings

We’ve been asked a lot over the months about the possibility of writing back Customer Thermometer ratings against Salesforce objects, such as Cases. Thanks to our new email alerts, and a small amount of configuration (and some great help from our very awesome colleague, Dave Galloway at TractionOnDemand) this is now possible and in this post, I wanted to show you the user experience, and make reference to how it’s done.

How to set this up

We’re delighted that our 1-click feedback buttons can now generate these Salesforce Case satisfaction ratings and the whole process can be set up in minutes.

The good news is about this integration is that no engineering resource is needed. Sure, you’ll need admin access, however in our experience, it took about 15 mins to set up. Once it’s done, it can then run and run.

Note the write back of data relies on Customer Thermometer’s email alerts being sent into Salesforce, parsed for the Thread ID and then running rules associated with the case.

Once complete, you will be able to view screens similar to this:

CT ratings inside Salesforce

There are 5 steps in the process. You may already have the first one set up.

Step 1 – Enable Email to Case

Step 2 – Set up relevant CT rating custom fields

Step 3 – Set up Workflow Rules to associate inbound alert emails with ratings

Step 4 – Adding Feedback buttons to the Case Thread responses

Step 5 – Finishing touches – associate icons with each text rating

You can see all these instructions in detail on our integration help page here.

No doubt our amazing customer base will come up with their own ways of bringing the two services together. If you do, we’d love to hear from you!

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