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Did you know the average online survey response rate is less than 2%? That’s dangerously low and delivers potentially misleading results. It’s not always easy to figure out the best way to survey people. Whether you want to run a staff survey, customer survey, or survey your partners to find out what they think – there are myriad methods, tools, ideas, tips and approaches. Survey Guides can be really helpful in considering the optimal approach for your organization.

So, in this section you’ll find our best How to Survey Guides. In here we have collected together our best articles on the How to Survey topic, ranging from the best time to send survey emails, the right questions to ask in your surveys, advice on how long your survey should be to get the most well-rounded feedback, and the best way to get a great response rate.

Zendesk Survey Integration with Customer Thermometer
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Zendesk Survey Integration with Customer Thermometer

Way back in 2013 the helpdesk manager of a very large business who were using Zendesk to manage their support tickets told us that he wanted to add the power and capabilities of the Customer Thermometer application to his Zendesk helpdesk process. He…
measure transactional nps customer thermometer
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How to measure Transactional NPS

Pick a customer and imagine it’s the only one you have. Your first or your best – it doesn’t matter. With only one customer, you can afford the time to invest in understanding their motivations and be responsive to changing needs. But…
The Lost Art of Talking to Customers
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The Lost Art of Talking to Customers

According to the Q1 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report U.S. adults, on average, are spending 11 hours a day connected to linear and digital media, watching movies and videos or looking at social media. Another study highlights that although…
Lands End CSAT
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Retailer Lands' End shares its success using Customer Thermometer

“We have been completely blown away by the results of using Customer Thermometer. In the first 3 months, we had x6 times the number of responses we hoped for. Not only that, the customer satisfaction level is awesome – a real validation…
3 customer support teams you should know about
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3 customer support teams of the future

The truly great sports teams don’t just get great results. They each have their own unique character that inspires loyal fans. They set standards for the next generation to beat. And what about the acclaimed teams from TV and film like…
5 customer-centric habits of the most successful companies
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5 customer-centric habits of the most successful companies

Highly successful businesses have a great reputation for treating customers well. In other words, delivering a great customer experience (CX). In each business, the customer profiles are different, as are customer journeys and expectations…
How to embed a customer satisfaction survey in email communications
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How to Embed a Customer Satisfaction Survey in Email

Here at Customer Thermometer we are big fans of simplicity. Why make anything more complex than it needs to be? This is why we love embedding customer satisfaction surveys in emails. They are easy to setup, provide great response rates and…
Getting the Best Survey Mix for ISO 9001 / ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction
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The Best Survey Mix: ISO 9001 / ISO 10002

The latest international best practice on customer satisfaction from the ISO standards body builds upon work started more than 30 years ago. A lot has changed in that time, though many principles remain the same: happy customers are worth…
How to Avoid Losing A Major Client
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How to Avoid Losing A Major Client

Most, if not all, organizations will have a major customer or two. These are the key accounts that have a significant part to play in your business success; potentially ruining your year (or, at the other end of the spectrum, doubling your sales)…
How to create a customer satisfaction survey that people will actually want to fill in
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Customer satisfaction surveys people will want to fill in

Understanding how satisfied your customers or clients are with your product or service is invaluable. This information can help you improve the entire customer journey, from the moment they visit your site or store, through to the aftercare…
How to create a satisfaction-survey in 2019 blog header
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How to create a satisfaction survey in 2019

It’s never too late to tune-up your customer satisfaction tactics. And when it comes to satisfaction surveys, 2019 is going to demand some new thinking so that your organization gets maximum value from its customer insights. We’ve taken…
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30 Customer Survey Response Rate Facts

We are in the midst of rapid and radical technological and social change. These changes are having an enormous impact on the ways in which customer surveys are conducted, response rates achieved and customer expectations. Here’s our latest…