Using GoodData with Customer Thermometer

With so many of our customers using the service to enhance Zendesk’s satisfaction ratings, we’ve been asked the question on how advanced users could analyse Customer Thermometer ratings data, using the amazing GoodData analytics tool.

To help customers get started, we’ve produced a short demo, which shows the fundamentals.

Before we go any further, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Phil Holcombe who leads customer satisfaction at Nexmo, who has been incredibly generous with his time and helped us to connect the services together.

The key to making this work – as you’ll see from the demo is to assign (and remove) tags via triggers inside your Zendesk account. Once those tags are assigned based on the Customer Thermometer ratings which are received, it’s then a case of going into GoodData to set up the relevant metrics to count those tags. Graphs and analysis can then be completed.

Click play to get started. We hope you find the demo useful.