Using ServiceNow with Customer Thermometer

1) Embedded Signatures Survey overview

To find out how to ask for feedback in your ServiceNow incident threads and how to set up the thank you landing pages, following a click, watch this video first.
If you already know how this works, you can skip this step.

[sc name=”Embedded setup video”]

2) ServiceNow incident surveys – hooking together ServiceNow and Customer Thermometer

1) Log in to your Customer Thermometer account and click “Manage Thermometers.” Then click the “Embedded Thermometers” tab and then “Create new Embedded Thermometer”.

2) Choose “ServiceNow” from the Thermometer type menu.

3) Fill in all the fields and click to generate the HTML code you will need to enter into your ServiceNow email signature template.

4) The common ServiceNow fields have been added for you. Feel free to add more fields as you need to. Note you can find more, back in ServiceNow, using the Email template editor and selecting from the “Field” drop downs. Anything you add, you’ll be able to report on.

Once you’re happy, click ‘Generate HTML’:

5) Customer Thermometer will then generate the unique code to paste into the relevant Email Template . Copy the HTML we generate for you in the box on the right hand side.

ServiceNow 1 click survey generation

6) In ServiceNow, go to your System Policy > Email >Templates area, select the relevant template and paste the HTML code into the HTML Message box.

You could choose to create a new Template and assign a workflow to generate it OR customize the Template: “incident.ess.resolve” – which is preset to send on Incident closure.

ServiceNow feedback buttons

Note too, you could customise the “Incident commented” Template to add feedback buttons at each point in the thread – suitable for longer tickets.

7) That’s it, you’re ready to go.

Both systems are connected, and the responses and comments will be registered, alongside your customer data from ServiceNow, in the Customer Thermometer reporting area.

An example Incident closed email is shown below:

ServiceNow email feedback example

Lockout – additional information

With this setting,  you can lock out a recipient from rating a specific ticket ID again within the selected timescale. 5 or 10 minutes is usually enough to prevent ’emotional’ multiple responses.

The lockout is activated via the combination of Incident ID + email address.

Setting the lockout to ‘Forever’ means a recipient would only ever be able to rate a specific ticket ID once.

‘No lockout’ means a ticket can be rated at any time.

During the lockout period, recipients will see a “feedback has not been registered” message.

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