Using Spiceworks with Customer Thermometer

Hello there Spiceworks user! If you want to get Customer Thermometer feedback buttons working in your Spiceworks instance, it’s worth taking a few minutes to watch this overview video first.

[sc name=”Embedded setup video”]

Integrating Spiceworks Helpdesk with Customer Thermometer

These are the steps you need to follow to generate, copy and paste our HTML code into your Spiceworks instance. Takes no time at all, and requires no developers. 

Spiceworks Helpdesk ticket survey – joining Spiceworks and Customer Thermometer

1) Start by logging into Customer Thermometer. Click “Manage thermometers.” Then click the “Embedded thermometers” tab and then select the “Create new embedded thermometer” button.

2) Select “HTML” from the dropdown at the top.

3) Fill in all the fields. At the end of the page click to generate the HTML code you will need to enter into your Spiceworks email signature template.

4) Add the Spiceworks fields you want to be able to report satisfaction data against, see below for our suggested starting point,

{{}} – this is the email address of the user
{{recipient.first_name}} – this is the first name of the user
{{recipient.first_name}} – this is the last name of the user
{{}} – this is the id number of the ticket
{{}} – this is the email address of the assignee

and click ‘generate HTML’:

spiceworks helpdesk ticket feedback email survey

5) Copy the HTML generated in the box on the right hand side.

6) You will need to paste this HTML block into the Ticket Notification Template in Spiceworks. To find this go into Settings, Helpdesk Settings, then click view/edit where it says Ticket Notification Templates.

If you place the HTML after where it says:  {{ticket.last_comment.body | escape | simple_format}} then it will add the survey after the latest comment, but before the old comment stream. You could of course change the placement of this to be wherever you wanted.

spiceworks integration

7) Once the HTML is in there, you can click ‘Save’ and it will be added to each email that leaves the system. In the Customer Thermometer reporting area you will be able to see who clicked the response, what the ticket number was and who it was assigned to.

You can also add in any of the other Spiceworks variables mentioned in this document: We have up to 10 custom fields available so you can have almost as much information as you want appear in the reporting.

8) Congratulations! Your Spiceworks integration is ready to roll. Both systems are connected, and the clicks and feedback will be registered, right next to your customer data from Spiceworks, inside Customer Thermometer!

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