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Get Customer Thermometer for your team, and get feedback on how you’re doing from emails you already send.

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Smooth surveys

Replace your long-format online surveys with Customer Thermometer – it’s more transactional, more straightforward and more action-oriented than any survey you’ve used before before.

Make life easy for customers

4 real-time ways to get feedback. Customers want a real-time, transparent conversation with the brands they buy from. We make it easy for them to give you feedback from within any email you send them.

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We work with the systems you already use

Customer Thermometer works across all major cloud platforms including Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, ConnectWise, ServiceNow, Outlook, Gmail, Teams and dozens of others. See your customer feedback data on our of the box dashboards: by agent, product, territory and more.

Net Promoter Score

If your business tracks NPS, we can feed directly into your management team KPIs. Customer Thermometer is the best way to get NPS directly from your tickets, emails and transactions.

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All inclusive pricing, no matter how many people you have

Our unique, fair billing policy means you only pay for completed surveys, rather than the number of employees using it.

The best way to bring feedback into your business, 
in a way customers love.

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