NPS Playbook: The 10 Strategies For Dealing With NPS Responses 

Are you doing the right things about NPS detractors? Wondering if you’re making the most out of NPS promoters? Know you need a plan for NPS passives? This NPS Playbook answers these questions and more!


What will I get from downloading the NPS Playbook?

Measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS) score is one thing, but it’s acting on the scores you get that make all the difference.

Tracking NPS is only half the mission. If you really want to move the needle on NPS score, you need action strategies you can target at different groups of customers.

The NPS Playbook gives you 10 strategies you can apply to boost your NPS score and change how customers think about you. 

  • A complete strategic approach for dealing with all your NPS responses that’s designed to increase customer retention and loyalty.
  • A fast, proven and accountable way to put your NPS measurement efforts to optimum use.
  • Punchy, actionable guidance for increasing your overall NPS score.
  • Strategic frameworks for elevating NPS detractors to where they won’t damage your brand or threaten recurring revenue.
  • A defined plan for what most people overlook: turning NPS passives into customer champions.
  • Best practice for keeping NPS promoters and utilizing them to increase revenue and word of mouth. 
  • A set of 10 simple, effective NPS programs you can share with colleagues to solidify their support for your NPS initiatives. 

Actions required to use the NPS playbook

The NPS Playbook delivers maximum value once you’ve got an NPS program off the ground and you’re collecting NPS response data. With your NPS score benchmarked and ongoing NPS survey systems in place, whip out the NPS Playbook to get your metrics going in the right direction.

Another NPS Playbook sweetspot is at the outset of your NPS journey. If you’re looking at starting an NPS program, the NPS Playbook will help you orientate your complete strategy for optimum value from the get-go.

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