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We believe that companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing as each other. Replicating what other firms are doing, and making only tiny changes to their survey approach in the face of extreme customer apathy are examples of that. But the survey industry is undergoing dramatic changes, and companies are now desperate to find new ways to get feedback in an environment where survey engagement is so low.

In order to spread our message about a fresher, more relevant way of doing surveys, we undertake regular press activity and contribute to the customer feedback debate. Here’s where to find all the latest Customer Thermometer news, press articles and mentions. From articles about us in the International Business Times, the Telegraph and MyCustomer, through to coverage in GetApp and AppStorm, you’ll find all things Customer Thermometer news related in this section of the blog.

International Women’s Day – more than just a purple patch!

Happy International Women’s Day! Here at Customer Thermometer we’re celebrating the cultural, societal, creative and economic achievements of women around the world. Did you know that 2022 is the 111th year of the illustrious IWD annual…
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The 4 Biggest Consumer And Customer Experience Trends Set To Dominate 2022

We’ve done a meta analysis of the various 2022 industry predictions so you don’t have to.  As you might expect, we’ve had to review tons of analyst papers, blogs and research data. Check out the links to go into more detail for yourself.…

8 new customer feedback widgets to show off your real-time results

We’re thrilled to announce a major widget revamp! Now there are 8 new ways for Customer Thermometer users to publish their real-time feedback stats to the world.  Customer feedback widgets for your site and socials Being transparent about…
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On-Brand Customer Feedback Survey Icon Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Businesses strive to deliver a great customer experience that’s unique to their brand. That means bringing the brand into every customer touchpoint – including when collecting customer feedback. Even here, there are cool things you can do…
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New Feature: NPS and CSAT Trend Analysis Interactive graph

We're thrilled to announce our newest addition to your Mission Control dashboard: the customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) Trend Analysis graph. What's new Next time you log in to your Customer Thermometer trial or account,…

NINJIO’s secret weapon for gathering customer feedback

We were so impressed by NINJIO's creative and engaging use of Customer Thermometer, we just had to reach out to them and see if they'd let us share what they did. Luckily for us they agreed! Who is NINJIO? Simply put, NINJIO creates the…
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Top 5 Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices with Matt Watkinson

Ever get the feeling that customer experience strategy is an intellectual battle? Or that your company’s customer experience strategy would be better if only you had grander plans and bigger budgets? Well, stop. Nothing could be further from…
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Creating The World’s Most Powerful Surveys Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Our simple approach to one-click surveys has always been about making it quick and easy for survey recipients to provide feedback.  More survey responses give our users more data and more data gives our users confidence in uncovering pain points,…
ParentPay CSAT
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ParentPay Passes CSAT Exam With Flying Colors

Schools have undergone a cashless revolution since ParentPay launched its innovative payment solution in 2002. As a result of removing cash, schools have saved millions of hours of time accounting for meals, trips, uniforms and other school…

The best books about customer journey mapping

We’re continuing our series of journey mapping resources with a reading list of top customer journey mapping books. These should help you plot a course through one of the most enlightening and valuable aspects of customer experience. In each…
The Membership economy book review
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The Membership Economy: Book Review

This month we sat down with a copy of "The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue by Robbie Kellman Baxter." In the book, Robbie Kellman Baxter (or RKB as we will call her for…
Survey Response Drivers launch
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What’s new in 2021 so far? A rundown of the latest Customer Thermometer updates and features

It’s been a tough period for so many people, but we’re excited and optimistic about what the rest of 2021 has in store. We’re as determined as ever to support our customers with loads of useful new features and integration capabilities. We’ve…