sparkle and shine

We’re delighted to reveal to you our updated app interface today!

We’ve been working hard to bring beautiful new changes to the Customer Thermometer interface we all know and love.

Mission control CSAT

We wanted to bring it into line with the new survey builder wizard we launched a few months back.

Survey wizard - design your survey

We also wanted to reflect the ways our customers are increasingly using the app; bringing embedded thermometers and signature thermometers to the fore. We have kept the flow of the survey creation and reporting process the same, so the app remains easy and intuitive to use.


So what changes have we made?

  • We’ve brought the colorways into line with our survey builder wizard
  • We’ve smoothed and rounded out all the harder lines to make Customer Thermometer more enjoyable to use
  • We’ve looked at all the action buttons to highlight them and bring them out, so they are easier to find
  • We’ve given the mission control dashboard a face lift
  • We’ve reduced the size of the tabs which control “create a list” and “send a blast”. You’ll still find them where they always were in the main navigation but this has enabled us to bring the embedded and email signature controls to the fore
  • There are myriad other small tweaks and changes including fonts, colors and general layout improvements

We hope you enjoy using the updated interface. Please let us know if you have any input for us by contacting us here.

What’s coming next? Lots and lots of exciting new developments! Keep your eyes peeled for multi-user/read-only access and much more.

Keep your feedback coming, we massively appreciate every suggestion, thought and piece of guidance we get from you all :)