brightgauge and customer thermometer csat surveys

We’re delighted to announce our newest integration today, with leading BI dashboard BrightGauge.

BrightGauge’s dashboard application allows users to bring together data from multiple critical systems into one place, giving you a single place to analyze and make decisions. With a single click, users can distribute dashboards to individuals, teams, or even clients.

Sensing and responding to customer feedback is becoming ever more critical. We’re in a fast-moving and competitive world and real time customer insight can help delight customers and keep them for longer.

Why customers are adding Customer Thermometer data to their BrightGauge dashboards

We spoke with BrightGauge, to find out more about their reasons for adding Customer Thermometer to their integration portfolio. They gave us their top 4 reasons, as why the CT integration is great for their customers.

1) All your data on one platform

By adding CSAT feedback to your dashboard, along with data from your PSA, RMM, QuickBooks, and tons of other sources, you have a single view of all the metrics that help to run your business. There’s no need to log in and out of a handful of different applications, toggle windows or juggle multiple platforms.

2) Keep your service team updated all day long with dashboard displays

With real time CSAT data displayed throughout the day for your team to see, the resulting transparency helps to drive your team’s efforts to the right task at the right time.

When customer responses reflect satisfaction, the team knows to stay on track, while at the same time, a disappointed response can start the appropriate escalation plan and follow-up can be initiated immediately.

3) Putting CSAT responses on display drives individual performance

When customer comments are displayed for each person’s work, it will drive a culture of improvement. Agents will strive to give their best service knowing that the results will be shared. Plus, having positive customer feedback on display helps to boost each employee’s confidence and self-esteem. Everyone feels proud when they hear that they’re doing a good job.

4) Send CSAT results back to clients

Reporting back to clients each month with an assessment of CSAT ratings, is a trend that our fastest growing partners have implemented.

This practice helps to not only show the obvious service area wins and areas that need to be improved, but it also shows that your MSP strives to provide consistent service across the board – no matter whether the ticket came from a VIP executive or a frontline employee. This type of reporting we know also works well as part of the sales cycle.

The new integration is already proving popular with Customer Thermometer and BrightGauge clients alike.

BrightGauge + Customer Thermometer dashboard

Example BrightGauge + Customer Thermometer dashboard

GadellNet on the BrightGauge Customer Thermometer integration

“With the Customer Thermometer + BrightGauge integration, we are now able to easily track and identify trends in our customer service delivery.

This integration has saved us hours of time each week across all departments.

The tool has empowered us to create gauges for our employees, to track performance, as well as for our clients while also allowing us to make decisions faster.”

– Chad Menard | Director, Managed Services | GadellNet

How to get started?

Check out how to integrate Customer Thermometer + BrightGauge here.

BrightGauge is offering a 60 day free trial for CT customers, just add the code “CT16” at sign up –

If you’ve not already got a Customer Thermometer, sign up in seconds below: