Customer Thermometer is delighted to be working with California State Los Angeles University to support the Marketing Research course students with their course program. Students on the course are using Customer Thermometer to design real-world marketing and market research experiments, learning valuable marketing and software skills.

Professor Gustavo Demoner, Adjunct Professor of Marketing for CalState LA University said:

“I have been ‘flipping classrooms’ years before the term existed. But the real challenge to me has always been to maximize the amount of time students spend working on real projects with professional tools that can provide continuous support to them upon moving forward with their careers. Here at California State University Los Angeles my Marketing Research students have just been able to accomplish that.

“After designing the course from the perspective of challenges that companies face today, and expect to see in the future, we have adopted a number of professional tools, and invited real challenges to the classroom. Customer Thermometer has become an invaluable partner, providing simple to learn yet powerful professional tools, providing effective ways to design-communicate-analyze data that easily translate into valuable information, allowing us to focus on challenges, while empowering the next generation of decision makers.”

Good luck with the course CalState LA students! We’ll be posting an update on how they get on later this year.