CodeTwo and Customer Thermometer

We bring our brand new CodeTwo email signature integration to you today.

This quick and incredibly powerful integration allows CodeTwo users to automatically add Customer Thermometer’s 1-click feedback surveys to any emails they send.

CodeTwo email signature manager users (both for CodeTwo’s Office365 and Exchange products) can now benefit from the following features:

  • Add smileys, stars and icons into the email signatures added to your email by CodeTwo.
  • Your email recipients can then click once to rate your email, service, experience – whatever you like (and a comment if they wish).
  • Customers’ ratings and comments are logged instantly and tracked directly back to real recipients and team data.
  • Use Customer Thermometer’s word clouds and powerful reporting to see real time trends in CSAT with the emails your team are sending
  • Trigger alerts to management in the event of unhappy customers. Rescue at-risk accounts and clients.
  • See league tables of feedback ordered by employee/agent etc.
  • Measure your NPS® score by agent, department, anything.

CodeTwo email signature survey

If you’ve got CodeTwo, you can be up and running in under 5 minutes. Signature surveys will be automatically added.

Setup is achieved in three simple steps.

  1. First, chose icons, customize your comment capture page and more to create your survey in Customer Thermometer.
  2. Generate the HTML snippet and paste it into your CodeTwo signature template
  3. Save and off you go! your surveys will be automatically added to emails sent with that template. And you can track who clicked what!

Full set up details are in our user guide.


Sit back and watch your feedback come in

All customer feedback is captured in real time within your Customer Thermometer account.

Customer Thermometer’s mission control dashboard keeps you on top of trends, NPS, changes in CSAT and more. It updates in real-time as customer feedback comes in:

Need to get more customer feedback on the quality of the emails your team are sending? Give Customer Thermometer + CodeTwo a spin.

As CodeTwo said about implementing Customer Thermometer for their own support team:

“We allowed an hour to implement Customer Thermometer and in the end it took under 4 minutes, it’s brilliant.”

Where to next?

Read more about the new integration here.

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