Customer Thermometer Joins the Salesforce Desk App Hub to Help Fast-Growing SMBs Leverage Customer Service to Accelerate Growth

salesforce desk satisfaction survey

Customer Thermometer Salesforce Desk satisfaction survey now available. Customer Thermometer empowers customers to completely customize their customer experience ratings

The new App Hub is a one-stop shop for SMBs to easily access partner apps that help them enhance the customer service experience and accelerate growth

Oxford, UK Nov 24, 2014 – Customer Thermometer today announced it has joined the App Hub to help fast-growing SMBs leverage customer service to accelerate growth. Customer Thermometer has joined the App Hub to enable SMBs to understand the quality of customer care they are giving in real time.

Comments on the News

  • “Customer Thermometer’s completely flexible service rating system and unique ‘unhappy alerts’ are empowering Desk customers to immediately identify unhappy customers and follow up and rectify their experience in real time,” said Lindsay Willott, CEO, Customer Thermometer. “Cutting churn immediately enables customers to scale rapidly.”
  • “Fast-growing SMBs are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world,” said Leyla Seka, GM and senior vice president, Salesforce “By leveraging the power of the App Hub, Customer Thermometer provides customers with the proven tools to keep customer service at the heart of their businesses.”

Product Key Features

With the Customer Thermometer integration for, SMBs can now rate their service interactions with a single click. Customer Thermometer delivers customer satisfaction surveys right into your outbound email interactions so customers don’t have to go to a separate website or app, or fill out a long Q&A form to provide SMBs with the valuable feedback they need to improve their customer service organizations.

Introducing the New App Hub to Leverage Customer Service for Rapid Growth

The new App Hub is a one-stop shop for SMBs to easily access more than 50 partner apps that help them enhance the customer service experience and accelerate growth. Utilizing partner apps, customers can deliver greater levels of customer engagement and have a single, comprehensive view of the customer. With the App Hub, SMBs now have a single, trusted location where they can quickly deploy apps that enhance customer service, without the cost and hassle of building one-off integrations.

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