Customer Thermometer Easter eggsSince we started Customer Thermometer back in January 2011, simplicity has always been our ethos – simplicity for our users and simplicity for Thermometer respondents.

Despite that ethos, we’ve always wanted to keep developing the application and moving it forward, based on feedback and intuition. Last month we added HTML only Thermometers – to avoid the wrath of the Outlook image filter. Next month, we’re launching what will be a step-change for the service, whilst keeping the ethos of simplicity at our heart.

As an early Easter present, we wanted to let our readers, customers and trialists know what is coming – so that you can think about how you might use some of the new features, in advance.

We will be updating our resources and Customer Thermometer College in advance of the release, which we are planning for late in April.

As ever – we’d love any feedback you might have to offer.

In the meantime – Happy Easter from everyone here at Customer Thermometer.

Customer Thermometer 1.7 feature list

Thank you landing pages

Whilst only the first click from your survey participants has ever been counted (and subsequent clicks ignored), we’ve never made this obvious to your participants. The survey pages will now be enhanced to indicate should someone click a Thermometer a second time, that only their first click has counted and should refer back to the sender if they’ve clicked in error. The Customer Thermometer account holder can of course manually remove their response from the blast detail reporting screen for them to click again if required.

Bounce lists

We are going to be refining the area where email bounces are stored and providing an exportable list of bounces. Particularly useful for larger customers with large bounce lists.

Reminder blasts

By popular demand, we’re going to be introducing a reminder blast function for customers to automatically send their blast again to only those who have yet to respond. This new feature will be integrated into the standard process, but will make it simple for you to prompt forgetful customers and get your response rates even higher.

Timed blasts

Again, thanks to great feedback from our customers, including some who have to make a special journey to the office on a Saturday, we are now going to introduce timed blasts. Set up a blast in a normal way and choose whether to send it immediately or at a specific time. Once sent, you’ll then be able to see the blast waiting to be sent and amend it before sending if required.

Blast ‘closing’

We’re adding the ability to close your blast after a certain time period. The default will be 30 days.

List editing

We’re going to be adding the custom field columns into your list views, so that you can see exactly what data you are using.

Master lists

This is a big enhancement to the service. The existing functionality will not change, however we are going to be providing you with a third option for managing lists – by providing a master list for you to choose contacts from. This will be displayed as a consolidated (de-duplicated) list of all contacts ever added to your account, which you will be able to filter and sort with. From there you will be able to select contacts and save off new lists to send blasts to.

iOS /Android notifications

We’re excited to be releasing a new alert system, which will display on iOS/Android devices, thanks to the app. We’re currently experimenting – but watch this space!

Mail merge functionality

Again, thanks to a number of customer requests, we’re going to provide the ability to add [CUSTOM FIELDS] into your Thermometer template’s body copy. For example, you could mention the [company name] in that copy … or perhaps reference the [account manager] for that contact in the sign off or refer to [project name] in the subject line. A new world of possibilities is about to open up. This will of course mean adding custom field data to each contact in your lists via the CSV upload feature.

Duplicate Thermometers

You will soon be able to duplicate a Thermometer – think ‘save as’.

Display your results publicly!

We’ve been working hard at listening and testing and very soon you will be able to display your last 100 results as a chart widget on your company’s website – show your customers how transparent you are… You will be able to copy and paste a small piece of code displayed in your Account screen (think YouTube video embed code). And, don’t worry – of course, this will be totally secure and never reveal your account details or any of your customer details. Over time, we’ll refine and add more options.


Various enhancements and layout improvements are on their way.

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  1. Danni Straver
    Danni Straver says:

    I would be looking forward to these features! Customer Thermometer has a really intuitive layout and is definitely better than long surveys that require you to go through page after page of questions that you end up not completing the survey at all. The ability to edit the text accompanying the four options also makes the survey versatile.

    I would also like to add that my interaction with your company’s customer support has been always incredibly helpful and prompt.

    Looking forward to seeing all of the new features, guys.

    • copemanm
      copemanm says:

      Danni – thank you so much for these kind words – we really appreciate it… Version 1.7 is now live – so go and enjoy!

      Best wishes,

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