Customer Thermometer on Independent Business Times

We had a real snowball of international press coverage this month. We’re delighted to have been recognised by veritable giants of the publishing world – titles such as The Telegraph, The International Business Times and the Independent.

The International Business Times

The International Business Times article “Why Bad Feedback Can Be Good for Business” focused on how Customer Thermometer email surveys can help encourage much more customer feedback than traditional survey options. It went on to argue that, with customers more flighty than ever, ”CMOs must work closely with Customer Services Heads and CIOs to update their feedback mechanisms for the 21st century and shift the business focus from just getting customers, to getting them and keeping them.” As the article puts it “Once a business is in a position where it is getting insights into bad feedback and, more importantly, acting upon it, there will be a huge impact on retention, profitability, continuity and scalability.”

The Telegraph

The Telegraph chose to cover the founders’ vision for Customer Thermometer, and its origins. It explains that Customer Thermometer “is used by businesses across the world, including BT and the Red Cross, to monitor and track customer sentiment.”

The Independent

In The Independent, Customer Thermometer’s CEO was businessperson of the week, and the article calls Customer Thermometer a “powerful web tool which can restrict the number of unhappy customers” a business has.