Customer Thermometer releases v1.8.1

Happy New Year to all of our customers and trialists.

In the first of a number of releases scheduled for the first half of 2016, we’re pleased to announce that version 2.04 went live a short time ago. There’s a summary of what’s new below:

Dashboard date picker

Following the release of the account-wide dashboard last year, we’ve moved it on to the next stage. Rebuilding it completely, behind the scenes, to allow new functionality later in the year, we’ve added a date picker in addition to the fixed periods, which means you can display account-wide data between date ranges of your choosing, going back to when you started your Customer Thermometer account.

To use it, simply choose “Custom date range” from the Analytics display drop down… and then select your “from” and “to” dates using the date pickers.

The dashboard will continue to update in real time – there is no need to refresh your page.

NOTE – for existing users, if you do not see the custom date range showing in the drop down – you may need to hard refresh the page (SHIFT -F5) to clear your cached version.

You’ll notice some nice animation styling changes and we’ve squashed a couple of bugs too.

Image remover

When creating Thermometer templates, until today, it’s not been possible to remove images uploaded for the advert, logo or footer areas. They’ve had to be replaced or swapped with a blank image. Today, we’ve released ‘remove’ buttons from those areas, to make your Thermometer templates easier to manage.

Customer Thermometer releases 2.04

Plan Auto-Upgrade

To avoid any possibility of running out of credits (for customers using Embedded Thermometers) we now offer an auto-upgrade facility. Tick the box on the change plan page and we will automatically upgrade you (and let you know) before your account hits zero.

Minor updates/fixes

  • Reminder Blast subject lines were limited to 45 characters – stopping custom fields from being included – FIXED
  • Blast Breakdown responses filter removed columns – FIXED
  • Adding a custom field email address and an email address to an email alert field meant alerts weren’t sent – FIXED
  • 1 new pricing plan in the account screen
  • Various behind the scenes changes

Coming soon..

We’ve a ton of new features planned, all based on customer feedback (so please do keep it coming – we really do listen!)

  • Responsive (mobile friendly) landing pages (in beta testing right now)
  • Redirectable landing pages
  • Choose which response pages comment prompts appear on
  • Choose advert images per response page
  • More flexible social media links – again per response page
  • Agent dashboards – allow your staff to access their responses
  • A new Blast Breakdown dashboard
  • Plenty more to be announced…