New features to send feedback better

In a new release of Customer Thermometer this evening, we’re delighted to announce new functionality in response to customer feedback (and we’re pretty good at listening to that, as you might imagine!)

The last couple of months has involved all kinds of testing and development and we’re pleased to announce the following new features, building on v1.1

1) Thermometer footers

Customers have told us they have to use disclaimers and show links to privacy policies etc on all email communications to customers. Until today this wasn’t possible. Now it is – with a footer which can now be applied from the customer account pages. Footers can be styled and links can be added.

Once added, all emails sent from that account will contain that footer. The footer will also be shown in all previews and test emails sent.

2) Save and preview

All Thermometer screens now have a handy save and preview button as we found customers wanting to do both actions in a single click to see how their Thermometer was looking. We will continue to work hard on usability over the coming months. If the process can be speeded up, we will do whatever we can to do that.

3) Less than four responses

Customers have asked us about the possibility of using Customer Thermometer to poll customers with a YES or NO question. With this new release, that’s now entirely possible with no complication to existing functionality.

If you’d like to send a two or three response Thermometer, you now can. How is this done? Simply leave the relevant response boxes blank, and we’ll do the rest…

4) Landing page custom text

Customers have been wanting to customise the the landing page / thank you screens recipients see once they’ve clicked a Thermometer response. Well, now they can.

We’ve added new functionality to the bottom of the Create / Edit Thermometer screen so that you can write unique text that makes sense to your customers. To make it even easier for you, they are pre-populated so that you don’t have to write anything, if you don’t want to.

5) Export data – more options

You can never have too much data to analyse! We’ve therefore now added more exporting functionality so that you can now export by Thermometer or Blast now. Spreadsheets can then be manipulated offline as you require.


Customer Thermometer Version 1.3 is planned for April.