Improve your survey results

Last night, after several weeks of testing and coding, thinking and coffee drinking, the Customer Thermometer team was delighted to release v1.3 of the Customer Thermometer service.

In addition to the software release, which is outlined below, we’re also delighted to announce that we’re using our very own API to showcase Thermometers which can now be sent by curious visitors directly from the homepage.

1) New sign up process

What better way to sign up to Customer Thermometer than to use the service to activate it. Some of our free account holders hadn’t yet sent a Thermometer – so we thought we’d encourage new sign ups to use the service by showing them how to use the service and activating their account at the same time!

2) Preloaded Thermometers

The other thing we’ve done to help people to get using Customer Thermometer quickly is to give them some inspiration from within their account immediately. All new account holders now have several pre-built Thermometers added to their account after activation.

They can then use these Thermometers immediately, or more likely, edit them accordingly.

We’re being told that’s an incredibly useful addition to the service!

3) New pagination in reporting

When we launched Customer Thermometer six months ago, it was hard to gauge how many emails people would send in a single blast, however it soon became apparent it could be thousands!

We’ve therefore beefed up our reporting and added pagination so that endless scrolls don’t happen any more. If you look carefully you’ll notice nice little Page 1 >> Page 2>> icons etc all around the site now. Neat and tidy. Tidy and neat.

4) More comprehensive recipient reporting and search

We’ve beefed up reporting by recipient in this release. You can now search for individual recipients to see how they’ve responded. In addition, you can now search for customers across a single domain ie *

5) Response delay on reporting

We thought it would be fascinating to show how quickly recipients response to Thermometers. We know it’s normally fast (because it’s so easy) however we thought you might like to see how fast. You’ll now find a handy colour-coded column in the Reporting by recipient report which tells you!

6) HTML in landing pages

Since we introduced customisable landing pages in v1.2, we’ve gone the next step and added the ability to add HTML markup on the landing page, meaning you can now add bold or italic styles to the landing page copy AND you can now add HTML links, should you want to signpost a customer to a different site.

7) API enhancements

Last and certainly no means least, we’ve add considerable functionality to the Customer Thermometer API, which will be documented in due course. If you’d like to add oneclick buttons to produce reports in your applications (without needing to login etc) then talk to us. If you’d like to send Thermometers from your CRM database – you can – talk to us!

Watch out for that documentation soon.