Yesterday, after much thought and customer consultation, Customer Thermometer v1.4 was released to the live application. We have just turned a year old and have learnt a lot from our customers over the last year. Thousands of Thermometers have been sent to customers and the response rates have been very impressive, especially when compared with industry standard surveys.

So what’s changed in v1.4?

Well, firstly we’ve decided to stop offering our free account, but instead have offered a lower tier of pricing for people to try us out for a minimal charge. We’ve changed the pricing bands around a little, based on customer feedback. If we weren’t listening to customer feedback – then what would you say?!

Firstly, we’ve added some useful new reporting functionality. We’ve added a date filter to our blast responses graph:

We’ve added a new metric – the Customer happiness factor so you can see in an instant how things currently are:

We’ve added an email bounce report so that you can see which emails haven’t been received. If there are errors, we flag them, so that you can correct your contact data. This will of course improve your response rates over time.

We’ve also improved our data exporting functionality. If you’re adding other fields to your data, like company name, that will now export correctly in the Excel spreadsheet.

There have also been a number of other under-the-hood improvements which should see Customer Thermometer run even more efficiently.

Finally, we’ve added a new Salesforce custom button package, which will allow you to easily add a button to your Salesforce instance, to generate a Thermometer to a contact without leaving You can find all the details here.

V1.5 is currently being planned – so if you’d like to see something added to Customer Thermometer – now’s the time to say!