Customer Thermometer releases v1.8.1

There’s just no stopping us at the moment – and it’s all thanks to Customer feedback. If we of all people didn’t listen to feedback, then clearly we’re doing something wrong!

We’ve enhanced our list functionality today in this small, yet perfectly formed release.

If you are regularly uploading contacts  and creating lists, then this release is for you.

Merging contact data

Merging contact data

Merging contact data

Customer Thermometer provides you with a Master List – any contacts added to your account are automatically added to a Master List – so that you can select contacts from that list and save them as a new list – ready for sending a blast. In that Master List you can also edit contact data manually too.

Previous to today, if you uploaded a contact (email address) which was already in the master list, the data in the Master List would not be overwritten.

As from today – you now have an option to overwrite and merge contact data when you create a new list.

Let’s look at some examples of how this now works.

  • If  you upload a set of email addresses (with no additional data attached) which are already in your Master List, and select the merge option, Customer Thermometer will automatically attach any saved data to the list you’ve just uploaded.
  • If you upload contacts where some of the data fields are missing, Customer Thermometer will add missing fields to the new list from the Master List AND will update the Master List with the new data. The data merging therefore works both ways.

This merging will work if you upload via a CSV, simply copy/paste into the new contacts box OR use the coloured boxes to manually add new data individually.

Do note – if you leave the merge option set to NO when you upload data, then no merging will take place, the data in your Master List will remain untouched and your new list will have unique data in it – which could well be useful to you.

We hope you find this a useful additional piece of functionality. Thanks should go to Joanna for this great piece of feedback. You know who you are!

Please keep your feedback coming.