Customer Thermometer releases v1.8.1

In the early hours of Monday 18th August, after many weeks of thinking and coding and testing and coding and thinking, we were delighted to release a whole raft of great new functionality to the application. Whether you’re testing the service or are already a customer, we just know there’ll be something here for you…

Before we go through the list – we wanted to point out that virtually every new feature and tweak to existing features are a direct result of YOUR feedback to us. We’re incredibly grateful and encourage you to keep it coming!

League Tables

We know that many of our customers use Customer Thermometer regularly to track satisfaction with their customer base. We also know that you want to be able to see how well your individual staff members (and teams, territories, stores, or salespeople) are performing. We know that competition between staff and teams is often encouraged and is really healthy!

So now, (so long as you’re using our Custom Fields), you’ll be able to use our new report called League Tables. Here you’ll be able to generate a league table for any data in your custom fields. So if custom 1 contains your helpdesk agent names, or your service team’s name, your territory (or any other data) you’ll be able to see in an instant how many responses each one has handled, the breakdown of those responses and an overall ‘Temperature’ in a league table format. So you can see in an instant your best performers, for any date range you choose.

If you’re in an environment where you’re regularly serving customers using the same staff members, territories or teams, we just know you’ll love this new feature.

A new dashboard

You’ve been asking for it and we’ve delivered – account-wide metrics. Percentage splits and absolute numbers of clicks by temperature and overall Happiness Factor and NPS metrics. All available at a glance when you log in now…

In addition, you’ll also be able to see your account’s latest comments in a new dashboard area too – alongside who left the comment (when available).

Two great new visual reports

Today we’ve released some brand new reporting which enables you to view Blast trends by Thermometer over time as well as our new TempTrack feature which allows you to track the Temperature trend of an individual or email domain over time. You’ll see two new tabs at the top of the Reporting section – “Report by date” which shows you a visual report of all responses to a thermometer over a date range you set, and charts it too. Additionally, TempTrack lets you enter an email address (or a domain name) and see that person’s responses for your chosen date range. It even charts these for you over time, so you can see a full history of that person’s feedback and satisfaction trends. We think you’ll really like this.

Reporting look and feel

You’ll notice when you log in to your account a fresh new interactive feel to our reporting pages – rollover/click to find out more information… We’ll let you enjoy those new touches. In addition to the look and feel we’ve added some additional reporting columns across Embedded and Email reporting.

New comment widget

Once again, in response to demand, you’re now able to publish your last X comments left, account-wide ie across all Blasts. These are published as an iFrame – with configurable height and width. We have also recognised that you may not wish all comments to be displayed publicly. You are able to moderate comments by simply hiding inappropriate ones. Great for a testimonials page!


We know there are lots of customers using widgets now and so we’ve streamlined them a little… There is now a single ‘last X responses’ widget – where you control the number ‘X’ now. So, if you want to show the last 10 or 1,000 pieces of feedback, you can do so by simply changing a variable in your embed code. In addition, you can also display the new interactive widgets with the rollovers. If you’d rather not – you’ve the flexibility to switch those off too.

Edit your Blast names

A simple but effective addition has been an edit function to enable to name your Blast – it may not be appropriate to name it after your Thermometer… now you can change it. Oh, and don’t worry – foreign characters with accents etc all work very nicely.


We know how important Exporting is to your analysis. In response to demand, we’ve added (for Email Thermometers) PENDING responses into your exports, as well as allowing you to flag within the date range whether the range should reflect responses received or the Blast sent date. Every little helps and we know this will.

Email bounces

For the last few weeks bounce reporting has not been working due to some changes made by our email sending provider. These have now been fixed and any incorrect contact data will now be shown correctly as a bounce in your reporting area.

Five new Embedded integrations!

We’ll write more about these separately – but we’re delighted to announce new integrations with HelpScout, Zoho Support, LiveAgent, Team Support and Happy Fox.

A ‘wider’ application

With so much data to report on, we thought it was time to make the application wider – giving reporting in particular a little more room to breathe. Landing pages haven’t changed their width and so footer images will still fit perfectly.

We’ve also optimised the site for iPad… it’ll display perfectly in both portrait and landscape mode.

A brand new consolidated User Guide

With so many changes, we took the opportunity to streamline our User Guide – we hope you find it easier to get around.

And finally

We’ve made dozens of smaller changes and fixes which you’ll notice along the way. As ever – if you spot anything which doesn’t seem right – please let us know.

What should you do next?

Take a look at the What’s New video below, then log in, explore and enjoy.