Examples of new features for customer feedback

Earlier today, after many weeks of thinking and coding and testing and coding and thinking, we were delighted to release a whole raft of great new functionality to the application. Whether you’re testing the service or are already a customer, we just know there’ll be something here for you…

Before we go through the list – we wanted to point out that virtually every new feature and tweak to existing features are a direct result of YOUR feedback to us. We’re incredibly grateful and encourage you to keep it coming!

Outlook and Gmail Thermometers are no longer anonymous

Due to popular demand, we released our Outlook / Gmail Thermometers back in November 2013. Customers told us they didn’t mind that they were anonymous – any feedback is good feedback. Despite that, we kept exploring all avenues for tracking the recipient (even meeting with Microsoft about it). In the end, we had to accept it wasn’t physically possible. Despite that, we’ve still got dozens of customers using the simplicity of Outlook signature feedback.

Today we’re getting as close as we can to making these Thermometer types trackable.

Trackable Outlook Thermometer

When you log in to your account and create or edit an Outlook or Gmail Thermometer, you’ll see a new landing page feature which you can enable, which will allow you to prompt the recipient for their email address, before leaving a comment. If they do – this will overwrite the sender’s email address (sent as part of the tracking information when you set it up). Comment and disappointed alerts will contain the recipient’s email address and you’ll be able to report back on this address too. If they choose not to – then the sender’s address (or a placeholder) will remain in place.

All the text prompts you see above are customisable.

This will keep the simplicity of a signature, whilst giving you a high chance of capturing that all important recipient data.

Email Thermometer open tracking

We’ve received multiple requests over the last few months for tracking whether an Email Thermometer has been opened (and not yet clicked).

As from today, any Email Blasts sent will be tracked to see if the recipient has opened or looked at them. Your reporting dashboard will then provide a %age open rate alongside a %age responded rate. This will help customers to improve their subject lines, to help encourage as many opens as possible. Use this new insight to test different subject options or ‘from’ names to improve open rates.Response rates will naturally improve from there.

You can see at a glance which emails have been opened using the new icons on the left hand side of the response data.

Thermometer open rate

Only Blasts sent from today will be able to detect ‘opens’.

*note – this feature only applies to Email Thermometers. It is not relevant to Embedded Thermometers.

International character set support

Customer Thermometer has customers all over the world. We know that for a number of customers, we’ve not quite hit the mark with all of our language character support. Today that has changed.

From Blast, Thermometer and List names, Email copy, Comment Widgets, Comments inside reporting and Email alerts – we now support all language characters (with the exception of the Arabic languages). From Japanese and Korean, through to Polish and Greek, we’re delighted to be able to offer customers this improved end to end functionality.

An extended API

Again, due to popular demand, we’ve been working hard on our API to provide you with even more possibilities of extracting data from your account in a secure way, to produce your own custom dashboards or publish single metrics publicly, when you need more than our real time widgets.

With more granularity than ever before, you can now extract the number of Gold stars you’ve had in August, find your current NPS score or pull your reporting data in an XML stream ready for styling.

In addition, you can also trigger Thermometers remotely. Set up your template and then use triggers inside 3rd parties, such as Zendesk to generate an Email Thermometer to a recipient and then store results in an open-ended Blast.

You can read the updated documentation here. We are going to publish examples of how to get the most from the API over the coming weeks.

League Table enhancements

Our League Tables have proved incredibly popular, since we released them in August last year. Today, you can now produce League Tables for Companies (assuming that information is tracked inside your Email Thermometers) and also see an NPS score against each row in your League Table, if enabled.

All this information is exportable too.

Infusionsoft and Klaviyo integrations

With many of our customers using the Infusionsoft and Klaviyo apps – we’ve now produced a formal integration for our Embedded Thermometers. You can now easily add your Thermometer buttons to emails generated by these two systems.

And finally

We’ve made many other smaller changes and fixes which you’ll notice along the way.

As ever – if you spot anything which doesn’t seem right – please let us know.