Examples of new features for customer feedback

2016 has seen a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Customer Thermometer HQ. This is our 3rd release of the year so far – with lots more planned. Our intention is to release regular enhancements throughout the course of the year – all of which are based on your feedback. Whilst we can never promise to fulfill everyone’s wishes, we log every comment and value all feedback. Please do keep it coming.

Earlier this morning, v2.06 went live – we’ve summarised the changes below.

Responsive landing pages

Customer Thermometer’s landing / thank you pages are now responsive and look great on all mobile devices, making it even easier for recipients to respond on the move. It won’t surprise you to know a huge percentage of Thermometers are responded to on mobile devices. The 1-click approach really works for people on the move.

This new functionality was actually released back on 20th January – however today we wanted to ensure it was publicised properly. As a user, you don’t need to do anything and there is nothing to change within your settings. You can just sit back in the knowledge that recipients are getting an even better experience.

Enhanced Exports

Again, thanks to feedback, we’ve made some changes to our exports at both a Blast level and an account level.


For Email Thermometer responses, the response column has now been enhanced with Unopened / Opened / Bounced states as well as the actual responses when recorded. This means you can now filter on all of those states in order to produce bespoke reporting for your teams.

These reports are available today and will apply retrospectively too to all data within your account.

Note too that this response data will carry through to the getBlastresults API call (more API detail here).

Updated text editors

Our Manage Thermometer screens will be getting some really cool new enhancements over the coming weeks. To prepare for that and to ensure that users on older versions of Internet Explorer get the functionality they need, you will notice new editors within those screens from this morning (you may need to refresh your page).

New text editors

No data has been changed – your landing pages will look identical – however we hope the editing experience will be smoother for users with older browsers.

Don’t forget – we recently added the ability to delete logos / advert / footer images too on those Manage Thermometer screens.

Enhances and fixes

There have been a lot of other behind the scenes updates too.

Coming soon

We’re excited to be working on a new Blast Breakdown screen (bringing it inline with the main dashboard), a dedicated comment display area, agent views functionality and lots of other interesting new features, however at its heart, we will continue to keep Customer Thermometer simple to use.