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2016 has seen a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Customer Thermometer HQ. This is our 4th release of the year so far – with more planned. Our intention is to release regular enhancements throughout the course of the year – all of which are based on your feedback. Please do keep it coming.

Shiny new Blast Breakdown screens

We’ve taken the core of our Mission Control dashboard and added that functionality to each individual Blast Breakdown screen.

This will mean that you can now see the same type of stats at Blast level as you will at Account level.

You can now filter via date ranges and in addition, you’ll see real time comments and geographic responses at Blast level as well as a graphical representation of when responses were received.

For Embedded Thermometer Blasts, the date range filter will be of particular use to isolate responses between fixed periods of time. Previously, exports would have been needed.

New Blast Breakdown screen

Brand new Comment reporting

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new middle tab in the screenshot above – the new Comment report.

Comment reporting is now available at an account level via the main reporting area and at a Blast level.

With verbatim comments forming a more and more important part of our customers’ feedback reporting, we felt it was time to bring it to the forefront. This makes it much easier for our users to pick up on the key trends within the latest customer commentary arriving.

The new Comment reporting screens show you comment statistics, a very shiny new word cloud (now entering beta) which will give you a visual indication of the type of words being submitted and a complete list of comments and ratings. For initial release, the comment cloud will extend back as far as 3 months’ worth of comments, and show you the top 100 most frequently-occurring words. Once we have initial feedback in from customers we’ll be extending this further.

Comments can be responded to with a single click. They can also be moderated (if using our real-time widgets).

We’ve added an “actioned” tick box – by popular request, so that users can indicate when a response has been actioned.

Last but not least – we’ve added a very powerful new Comment search feature. You can now search for individual words within customer Comments across your blast and your account.

In addition, you can search for words within a response type. So you could search for the word “problem” within your red comments, or the word “excellent” within your gold comments. The flexibility is enormous.

So it’s now super easy to search for customer mentions of specific events, people, products, countries… anything you want.

New comment reporting screens

Enhances and fixes

There have been a lot of other behind the scenes updates too.

As ever, there’s been a huge amount of work to test this new functionality and we’re really excited to release this today. If you’ve any questions or find any issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll jump on them right away.

Coming next

Next on our release list is to be able to provide you with Team Views – allow specific access to your colleagues and agents so that they can view their own data. Following on its heels will be our revised landing pages – with even more customization.

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    This is great! Awesome work guys. Very excited to see this open dialogue and the innovations that you guys are coming up with. A lot to be excited about now and in the future.

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