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2016 has seen a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Customer Thermometer HQ. This is our 5th release of the year so far. Our intention is to release regular enhancements throughout the course of the year – all of which are based on your feedback. Please do keep it coming.

This release sees the biggest set of changes to our Landing pages since we launched the service 5.5 years ago. There really is something in here for everyone.

Below – we talk you through the changes.

Landing page enhancements

We’ve had a lot of feedback in this area over the last few months – lots of requests for functionality and more flexibility. We’ve responded…

There’s an example below of what’s now possible – with explanation underneath.

Please note your current Landing page set up within your account HAS NOT CHANGED with this new release. You are free to edit existing Landing pages from today using the new functionality.

Gold landing page

Enable comments per Landing page

You are now able to enable comments per Landing page – ie allow comments for say Yellow and Red responses, but not for Gold and Green.

Enable comments per Landing page

It could be that you are short of resource to respond to every piece of feedback coming in – and you’re actually only interested in making things better. If that’s the case, only allow comments from Red responses. Vice versa could also apply.

Comment submission button wording

Recently, we changed the comment submission button wording from “Send” to “OK” to avoid non-English potential confusion. It was always a temporary measure.

From today, you are free to edit this button wording as you see fit per Thermometer. If you wanted to make it quirky (see above) or ensure you address a French audience correctly, you’re now able to do that. The default wording will remain as “OK”.

Comment box closure wording

From our inception, once a comment had been submitted, recipients had see a small green tick to confirm submission. From today, by default, that remains. If you wished to add a further message such as “Thank you for your comment – we’ll be in touch soon” – that’s now possible using the new field available to you.

Publish to social media – new enhancements

Another popular request – the ability to have different social share buttons available.

We’ve thought about this long and hard and can now offer a lot more flexibility.

If we take a use case, where a recipient has clicked a Gold star following a hotel stay… that recipient is much more likely to leave a review on Tripadvisor if they have already clicked a Gold Star. From today, not only can you add any social media icon you wish (upload your own custom ones too)… You can also choose which pages they appear on to.

If a customer has responded with a Red Light – having a social share button on that page, probably isn’t a good idea – so you would likely choose NOT to have a social button on a Red or Yellow Landing page.
Social sharing options

Advert images per Landing page

With the flexibility added above – it made sense to offer the same options for Advert images too.

Landing page adverts

Now you have the option to have different images on the different landing pages (or the same one throughout).

Perhaps you’d promote a specific campaign to happy customers… and refer people to your help centre if they were disappointed.

Landing page background color changer

Another common request – it’s now possible to change the background color surrounding Landing pages to reflect your brand.

League Table reporting enhancements

Our League Tables have been a popular reporting feature since we introduced them a few years back. Typically they’ve been used to rank agents or employees and we know how popular it has been to create a bit of competition amongst teams.

From today, you are now able to rank by the fields  ‘Email address’, ‘First name’, ‘Surname’ and ‘Company name’… This brings in a whole new set of possibilities to rank your recipients and customers. We really look forward to hearing your stories on how that starts to be used.

New League Tables

You are now also able to sort each column too now.  so if you wanted to rank by number of Gold Stars or number of responses (instead of by Temperature) you now can!.

Report Maker reporting enhancements

Finally, in reporting, we’ve added some additional metrics to the Report Maker slices:

Report Maker - new metrics

Comment moderation

We’re seeing comments becoming more and more important to our customers. Publish comments via our widgets is also a popular thing.

We’ve provided another option for customers today which allows the ability to moderate comments, with the default as ‘hidden’, as well as the option to ‘show by default’.

This means that if you choose hidden by default, new comments coming into your account will need to be enabled to show. This will stop potentially sensitive information being published by default.

Do note that if you change that option in your settings area, it will only affect new comments received from that time. Existing comments will retain their current status of showing or hidden.

If you do not use comment widgets to publish externally, this feature will of course, not affect you.

Custom field naming

Custom fields are a powerful feature within Customer Thermometer. There are now 10 available to use.

From today, you now have the option to name those fields (account wide). This means that when email response alerts or comment alerts are sent, the custom fields are now defined for users who may not appreciate what they are:

Defined custom fields

Embedded Thermometer icon reversal

To make it easier for customers who would prefer the four response icons to be reversed, we’ve added a handy button on our “Generate Embed Code” areas so that code can be provided which contains a reversed set of icons. Whilst this has always been possible to do manually, this new feature means that it can be done on a single click for all Embedded Thermometer types:

Icon reversal

Other enhances and fixes

There have been a lot of other behind the scenes updates too and a big refresh of the help text around the app too.

As ever, there’s been a huge amount of work to test this new functionality and we’re really excited to release this today. If you’ve any questions or find any issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll jump on them right away.

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