The team are proud to announce the release of Customer Thermometer 1.8, which went live across all of our customer accounts tonight, UK time.

Embedded Thermometers

Over the last month we’ve slowly been testing with live customers our new Embedded Thermometer functionality. From today, if you hold a Jumper account or above, you will be able to switch on Embedded Thermometers in your settings screen.

Simply put, we provide unique Customer Thermometer buttons and you embed those buttons with the relevant code inside your CRM / helpdesk / 3rd party application. It’s a way of tracking satisfaction with helpdesk tickets, as part of an email newsletter or as part of a regular monthly polling. Our first major Embedded Thermometer integration is with Zendesk.

The fundamental difference between our traditional service and this one, is that you control who it goes to and how it gets sent.

You can find out how it works in more detail here.

For existing Embedded Thermometer users we’ve made the HTML code generation screen more intuitive based on feedback from the last couple of weeks. In addition, due to popular demand, for Zendesk Embedded Thermometers, your comment and disappointed email alerts and your reports will now link directly to the relevant Zendesk Ticket. We’ve added a field to input your Zendesk subdomain… we then do the rest.

More integrations coming soon – feel free to contact us with any requests.

Internet Explorer 8

There are a number of small additional fixes, including support for some of our Internet Explorer 8 corporate users, who were having issues with some of the buttons.

Enhanced security – SSL

The biggest and most important part of this upgrade is the addition of SSL. To some of you this may not mean very much … to others, you’ll recognise it as an important and necessary step forward as the service grows.

Effectively, this now means the service is even more secure. When uploading data and browsing the application, pages are encrypted, meaning no one is able to snoop on your data. You will notice https:// in your browser bar now – indicating the new secure service.

What you need to do.

As the IP address of our server changed over the weekend – it’s possible (but unlikely) when you read this, your computer is unable to see the site and application. We’d suggest you shut down your browser… and /or clear your browser cache. If that fails, restart your computer … and worse case reboot your router. Any further problems – drop us a line.

To log into your account – nothing has changed – you can continue to use your bookmarks or the login screen on the main Customer Thermometer website. It will automatically redirect to https.

If you are using our Embedded Widget, (to display your last 100 results publicly), the code you will have copied and pasted will still work, however we’d encourage you to go back into your settings screen and copy and paste the new code – which contains the new https link.

If you are using Embedded Thermometers, the current code you will have copied and pasted will still work for the next month – however – before mid-November you will need to generate the code from your Thermometer again – to ensure the button hyperlinks are https.

If you are using our API to access your account remotely to trigger Thermometers or display reports, you don’t actually need to update your URLs, however once again, we’d encourage you to make sure you are calling

Any existing Email Thermometers which have been sent and are sat in inboxes will absolutely still work and register clicks correctly. From today, any new Email Thermometers sent out will contain https links – you or your customers don’t need to do anything – just be assured security is better than ever.

As ever, if you have any problems or questions with this new release, don’t hesitate to get in touch.